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Code Samples

As we are a support and development community, it is vitally important you post code or text samples in a readable format. The forum is equipped to display a dizzying number of coding languages.

Code Blocks

To post a block of code, click more options, then click code.



The code window will open. Paste your text or script into the box. Use the Language drop-down to select the code format. If you are posting a text sample (ex. from a model sheet), then choose General Code. If you are posting script, then choose C. Alternatively, you can select Rich Code. Rich Code is formatted as General Code, but lets you add colors and other text effects.


When you are done, press Continue. Your code is pasted into the post with code tags. ChronoCrash will present the code in a much more readable block. To compare, this is what a bit of script looks like pasted without code tags:

void example_function()
char test_text = "Hello world!";
log("\n " + test_text);

The same script with code tags:

void example_function()  {       char test_text = "Hello world!";       log("\n " + test_text);  }

Inline Code

You can insert some code as part of normal post text. This works like other formatting options such as bold or italics. Highlight the portion you want to format as inline code, then choose inline code. Inline code looks like this.


For further details, see here.
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