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Uploading Resources

The following is a guide to using the ChronoCrash Resource Manager. Before uploading game modules, make sure to read the following:

  1. Prepare your file to upload. Maximum single file size is 450MB, but you may add multiple files per resource. If you need to upload larger items, create a split archive. The recommended volume size is 400MB. You may upload any one of the following file types:
    • zip
    • txt
    • pdf
    • png
    • jpg
    • jpeg
    • jpe
    • gif
    • psd
    • tif
    • rar (recommended)
    • dmg
    • gz
    • apk
  2. Click Resources.

  3. Click Add resource.

  4. The forum will ask which category to place the new resource. Click on the appropriate category.

  5. Fill out the Add Resource fields.
    1. Title: Name of the resource.
    2. Tag Line: Short (one sentence) description of the resource that appears in list views. Write something quick and catchy - you can use up to 100 characters.
    3. Type: The resource file. See next step for details.
    4. Version Number: Optional version number for the resource. If you leave this blank, it defaults to the current date.
    5. Description: Tell us about the resource, with pictures and videos if you have them. This field works exactly like a forum post.
    6. Additional information URL: Link to an informational or promotional website about the resource. If populated, it appears as a More Information button in the download page.
    7. Alternative support URL: Link to an FAQ thread, a wiki, or a similar site that provides technical information about the resource. If populated, appears as Get Support button in the download page.

    8. Upload a new icon: Small icon that displays in list views. Recommended image size is 96*96 pixels.
  6. Add the resource file using type. You have several options:
    1. Uploaded Files: Upload files to ChronoCrash server. Click Attach Files. The file browser dialog opens. Select your file, and it will start uploading. When the upload completes, you can save the resource. You can attach multiple files if needed.

    2. External download URL: Link to an external file host. Note due to proliferation of unreliability and malware inserts by third party hosts, there is a soft ban on external links for free downloads. Any external links are subject to removal without notice.
    3. External purchase: If your resource is behind a paywall such as GameJolt or Steam, enter the price and type of currency, then place place the URL to your purchase page here.
    4. Does not have a file: Use this option if your resource is a tutorial or an example without downloads. Otherwise avoid using this option as it breaks the download interface users expect. Empty resources are subject to periodic removal.
  7. Once you provide a URL or file and all fields are filled out, click Save.
  8. The resource is now available for download. It will appear in the Resources area, on the front page Latest Resources tag, and in all what's new lists.
  9. If you have a discussion thread about the resource, you can link it to the download page. Open the discussion thread (make sure you are on the first page) and copy its URL.
  10. In the resource page, click the options ellipsis, and select Change discussion thread.

  11. Paste the thread URL into Change discussion thread dialog, and click Save.

  12. There is now a Join Discussion button in your resource download page leading to the discussion thread. Additionally, the discussion thread now contains a Download link, and current version number is added to the thread's title.
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