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A cool idea, with a very fast paced gameplay.

It has some cool concepts, like the defeated bosses helping you on the stage stage until they are killed.

As a product of its era, it has some problems (like the red glow that happens every time an enemy is defeated, a trend that plagued games developed in OpenBOR for a while and thank God it was forgotten).

Who knows, maybe one day the author will make a revised edition of this game? :)
I like the idea of playing in extension with the LCD characters and their environments, but I prefer the others modes. It's good that you tried this concept and it was fun to end up with the sensations of the TIGER years.
I been using these templates in conjunction with Openborstats, Sublime Text and tutorials!
It is amazing to see what goes on behind the scenes for someone like me who is just starting out with regards to the coding.
Will always be my credits if I'm able to create mod that is worthwhile.
Wonderful game, looks like the developer abandoned it, still love it
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