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This game has been great so far, to the point where even the origional Double Dragon creator pitched in to help, though it's a bit too complex to be used on Android. It can be done, but it's more practical with a more physical controller. And take my advice, because this probably has the most expansive double dragon move set there is; Billy and Jimmy, the two characters I reccomend starting with, have stances to allow them to play like ALL their iterations. Double Dragon I/III, Double Dragon II, and Super Double Dragon.

I feel as though the way the combos are situated are correspondent with various fighting games, as the Q has admitted to being a massive fan, and I also play a bit of fightcade myself. In any case, I played a lot of the Double Dragons, and they are the easiest in terms of making combos (there's a version without all the style switching as well), with each stance having it's own focus in terms of how you start juggles.

Chin and Ranzou are the hardest due to their tag team mechanic and not being able to easily regain POW. Then there's Shaq and Spawn, who play way better than one might believe, and are combo focused Jeff & Sonny, are like the Double Dragons, but with more unorthodox spins on their moveset (as if this system was ever done before). There's also apparently secret characters, probably the battle toads, though I didn't unlock them yet. The enemies themselves are rather competent and variety is thrown at you immediately, and you will find that performing combos isn't really practical unless they are all grouped up or you plan on aborting it with the other moves. All in all, I'd say it's game Double Dragon and Beat Em Up fans should try out.

My current gripe, aside from it being weird on current OpenBOR, is that for some reason, we get Gen-Satsu-Ken, but it's regulated to Jeff, who fights nothing like the previous users. As a matter of fact, I'm kind of disappointed that we don't get Raymond/The Mysterious Warrior to play with. Illusions and ki blasts would have been pretty fun to use in combat.
It's not a re-skin, its a totally ripoff. The author adds Mersox name somewhere, but he made it seem like the original author only helped with something, while he made the whole game. There's nothing new, it's basically the original game with different graphics.
I played this game and it's ridiculously hard.
The Deathbringer in the end stay constantly out of the screen and always spamming Magic spell which we cannot escape at all
In the original game, we had a chance to jump to avoid getting hit by combo, here once Deathbringer cast spell, you are frozen, you can't do anything.
And of course, once magic is spelled, you loose half HP, so after 2 magics, you are dead.
And sometimes the controller doesn't respond for some reason
dear god, the amount of bloat in this game is hideous. the game's combat is cool and all, and i like the idea of switching characters mid-fight, but the combat cant excuse the amount of boredom i felt through the 15000 ship missions. even the combat has bloat in the amount of health the bosses have! mr big (the literal first fight) and the trainer in the forest guy come to mind. its a good game, but its flaws are easily avoidable and not fun to deal with
Great work guys
Thank you glad you enjoy the game
It's full of potential, has incredible visuals and a lot of attention to detail from the original game, but unfortunately for now the gameplay needs some serious overhaul.
If the gameplay was more like playing as Marian in “Double Dragon Gaiden – Rise of the Dragons”, focusing more on shooting than stabbing or pushing, then this would be one of the best OpenBORs ever.
Still, I really appreciate what was done here, I hope it gets updated.
The usable rosters and gameplay is same as Fighter's History Revenge, hoping the other characters can be unlocked

The steel cage and street wrestling are only changing image backgrounds, I'm expecting extra damage effect in steel cage and destructible objects or items added in street wrestling

Awaiting the game fully released, keep it up 
Jeremeister Jambatron
Jeremeister Jambatron
While i appreciate the feedback you gave my game, I have to let you know that coding wrestling mechanics to my project will be really difficult to implement, because it will take longer time to figure out the turn buckle interaction, Irish whipping the opponent, slamming the opponent into the cage, and pin falling the downed opponent. So don't expect too much out this project. Nedflanderuse tried to do the exact same mechanics when he tried to make his own wrestling game World Arena twelve years ago and it was causing him massive problems, along with going back and forth on the forum to figure out the coding. Sure the gameplay for my wrestling project is the same as Fighters History Revenge, but I'm trying to diversify the characters and their movesets from the latter while bringing along additional fighters to the game in order to give players a good experience. But I digress about the whole explanation and I am grateful for you giving my project a decent rating.
Great game thank you so much for all your hard!!
Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the game.
The best
When making a game with established characters the single most important thing is making sure the player *feels* like those characters. The Arkham games were great beause of what every reviewer said- they made you feel like Batman.
This game gets this right, every character I played felt right. I haven't played all of them, there are 100 characters here. Actually more when you remember that are a few cases where the same character has multiple movesets, such as Jean Grey and Phoenix. But they all felt right and I had a massive smile on my face the entire time I was playing this.
Sure, balance in this one can be a bit rough at times but I don't think it matters if Magneto is more powerful than Black Widow, because playing Magneto makes you feel like Magneto and playing as Black Widow makes you feel like Black Widow.
With the remakes in the archive there is also a crazy amount of content in this one to.
This game is just really great. Highly and strongly recomended, especially to fans of Marvels comics, tv shows or movies.
hi kratus, congratulations on your fantastic work. I would like to ask you if you will reintroduce the 2x collision effects, perhaps selectable from the options menu, and if Axel and Adam will also be able to do the aerial grab in the next updates. It seems to me that for now only Blaze and Sammy can do it. Thank you
Thanks for the feedback🙂
About the collision effects I replaced them because they are from Capcom games and unfortunately don't match with the SORX proposal, which is having a look closer to the classics. About the aerial grab, I added it as an exclusive advantage for Blaze/Sammy due to balance purposes, plus they are based on some original unused sprites which only they have.
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