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  1. DCurrent

    DC D20 3.1

    Generate random values in OpenBOR script. Load this library into your module projects to enable controllable random number generation. Dependencies DC Instance Installation Install any listed dependencies. See an individual dependency's specific instructions. Download and unzip the latest...
  2. DCurrent

    DC Instance 1.0

    DC Instance Most of the latest function libraries I wrote are designed around a concept of object oriented programing. Meaning that you don't set the variables directly. They are instead encapsulated into an "object". When you want to read or write a value, you use a function the library...
  3. O Ilusionista

    [SCRIPT] Check if there is an specific entity and change animation

    This tutorial provides an example of switching animations if a specific entity is on screen.
  4. O Ilusionista

    Ilu's tutorials/scripts/resource master thread

    To make it easier to share all the tutorials/tips/scripts I made with people outside the forum (or even here, since not all topics are listed as resources), I decided to make a single topic Warning: All information contained here was written for version 3 of OpenBOR (up to build 6391). Version...
  5. DCurrent

    Tutorial Entity Enumeration

    On several occasions I've fielded questions about taking actions that affect multiple entities at once. Damaging all enemies. Gathering information on multiple entities (ex. for a custom HUD). Instant kill all enemies with low hitpoints. Elemental effects like heavy winds slowing entities down...
  6. DCurrent

    Exhibition Rolling Percentage Meter Demo 1.5

    Demonstrates the following concepts: Write a meter value to screen as numeric percentage. Add a "rolling" effect to scripted meters just like the engine's native rolling effect for HP bars.
  7. dantedevil

    Solved Change animation depending on the remap

    I am working on creating an entity that has different animations depending on its "remap". 😊 In this way we can have different compartments of the same entity, without having to create several entities of the same type. I've tried to create the correct script, but I can't. :cautious: anim...
  8. DCurrent

    Multidimensional Array Iteration

    Hey guys, while working on a new afterimage library I needed to whip up an iterator for literal keyed multidimensional arrays. Figured I'd post a quick and dirty example here of how to do it. This example is of a 2D array, but if you're crazy enough you can use the logic to add dimensions to...
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