1. Bloodbane

    Barshen Below 2

    This is updated version of a game which is supposed to be my entry for Random Jam whose theme is Just Two, but for some reason it failed to be submitted. This is spinoff of my other game : Barshen Bash. Story: You play as Kandor, Green robot armed with a gun. Defeat bosses and enemies in...
  2. Bloodbane

    Robz Rush 2

    This is my entry to Boss Rush Jam whose theme is : Self Destruction This game is actually spinoff to Robo Magi. Blangkono, hero of this game is a robots similar to Magito and Dukuro minus magic spells. He's travelling to Planet Robz in search of elemental orbs. His travel won't be easy cause...
  3. Bloodbane

    Complete Minetroid

    Hi guys, I've made this game, a short metroidvania for Palette Jam 2 whose theme is Break. The game has 2 endings: regular ending and best ending. The story gives a hint on how to get best ending :sneaky: Save feature is disabled but it is short so it won't take long to complete this game...
  4. Bloodbane

    Minetroid 2

    This is my entry for Palette Jam 2 Story: A robot who has fallen into an abandoned underground mine. It needs to find upgrades in order to access new areas and finally escape from the mine. The mine is moderately unstable so exploring could be dangerous and put the robot on the edge. There's a...
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