OpenBOR Wiki Welcome


OpenBOR Wiki is the reference guide and manual for the OpenBOR engine. If you are looking to make games using OpenBOR, this is the place to get started. If you have any specific questions, head on over to our discussion forum and we’ll do our best to help.

Legacy Manual

This this the original manual dating back to early days of OpenBOR, and updated over time as the engine developed. It’s a bit monolithic and can be out of date in places, but remains the most comprehensive manual for OpenBOR. It’s a good idea to open this up and give it a read to build your knowledge foundation.

Open Legacy Manual

Wiki Repository

The wiki is a project to create a fully categorized and searchable knowledge base of articles and tutorials about the OpenBOR engine. It is still very much under construction, but the articles in place tend to be more detailed and up to date than you will find in the Legacy Manual.

The wiki also contains a detailed list of modules for the OpenBOR engine. If you are looking for something to download and play, this is your shopping list.


If you would like to contribute to the wiki, please contact us at the Wiki Access Request Thread of our forum. We will need your desired user name, a valid email, and (optional) your real name.