Using Elevenlabs for voice and Adobe enhance to clear audio.


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I stumbled upon this site called Elevenlabs not to long ago (from a meme video I watched involving a certain star wars character.) But besides that joke part of that post, I tried the site myself and you can pretty much make some decent sounds (sadly damage and other things like death crys may need some fiddling.) but pretty much 80 percent of content you need can be created thanks to this. I attached some sample I created with Elevenlabs. and the other one is called Adobe Enhance, which ironically is a pretty good one to use to rip voice overs from older audio or clear them up.

Adobe Enhance



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This is a potentially good tool, unfortunately it seems that most of what is needed is behind paywalls or subscriptions.

@KanbeiKS7 , if im not mistaken, the best this stuff can do so far is to take texts and read them with any person's voice right?

last time i checked , there was no way to take an audio clip with your own voice & "transform it" into another.

there also the issue where most of these tools only work with english, so in order to do voices in spanish i had to use phonetic spelling tool to actually write spanish phrases into english spelling, but the phonetic tool is also paywalled.
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