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The thread is some time of visual artwork like sketch, painting, or sprite work.


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Before you guys ask what the hell is the topic? Simple its a tool made (for free) which uses an Ai to seprate vocals and music (even Background noise like wind and other things.)
below I pasted a sample I did using this tool and it was some stunning results.
original Video to compare them after you download the file.
I would recommend to those who wish to rip classic cartoon voices that aren't an easy resource to grab nowadays.


  • 1_SW3_Takamaru_Ending_2_Vocals.rar
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fantastic find, there is lots of obscure music that can fit a game , but vocals get in the way.
this ai & voice cloning can do wonders for sound samples and animation....
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What if the music is AI generated like the Vocaloid software? What if I use an AI text to speech to generate an audio clip and then feed it into an AI music generator tool. Will it still be able to detect and separate the voice? I was thinking of doing such a music production since my actual accent sucks
you are going to just have to do trial and error, i am afraid. and you need core 5 machine or higher , some of my experiments took too long with my current Hware and so i have no choice but to put it on hold...

lots of AI voice covers are popping up on youtube lately and i think this tool is a big part of them, some youtube channels that feature AI covers actually take requests, so if you need to do a project but don't have the equipment they might help you...
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