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Street fighter 89

In Progress Street Fighter 89 The Final Fight by Machok v3.7

No permission to download
The project is currently under development.
I like this so far. This seems to be even more accurate than Final Fight X, and I like how you extended each stage. One thing, how lenient is the ability to use a special out of hitstun in the original final fight?
In here, it seems a lot less lenient. Another thing I noticed is that the flame effect animation isn’t as flickery as the original.
Yes you are quite observant
indeed there are some things that are quite difficult to implement
UPDATE: I fixed the offscreen respawn and game over at continue screen and re-uploaded, I would recommend before releasing the finished version you try and get the overall size of the mod down.
UPDATE: I remixed the audio and looped the tracks so you don't get fade in fade out looped music, I also compressed the music and some sound fx and other stuff, I managed to get the overall size of the game down from 205mb to 95mb

I could get the size down even further by changing sprites and removing files etc but I kinda feel it's not my place to do that, to be honest I'd like to add new throws and other moves but I know that would break the vision you have for your game.

It's a great start, fantastic demo with it being your first creation, I look forward to your final version.
Finished the first stage. very good. a little rough around the edges but true to the arcade. I really think making it 3 players would be great seeing how their is 3 playable characters. I think thats the only drawback on the arcade original.
I tried playing your mod and it's a very brilliant work you've done. I love the new custom stages which really connect and tie in to the original stages for the story and boss battles. You add very good element to it to see how fitting it goes starting from post intro. Quite transitional.

I was in Rolento's stage with Guy and I kept throwing Rolento till he got defeated where all of a sudden, he vanished. I cannot proceed to the next level anymore since his disappearance instead of bombing himself. I was pressing down, down, attack and wondered where it comes from.

BTW you can make one player life number to display the result of number 0 as one remaining life number just like the original arcade. It's very simple but it's got to be in script. I tested it and it works. You put it in update.c or your player's ondrawscript.

void main()

void LifeNumber()

   // Current player life number display

   int P1 = getplayerproperty(0, "entity"); // Player 1 entity
   int P2 = getplayerproperty(1, "entity"); // Player 2 entity
   int P1Life = getplayerproperty (P1, "lives"); // Player 1's current life number
   int P2Life = getplayerproperty (P2, "lives"); // Player 2's current life number

   if(P1){ // Player 1 exists?
      drawstring(64, 8, 1, P1Life-1); // current player 1 life number to display life number result?
   if(P2){ // Player 2 exists?
      drawstring(289, 8, 1, P2Life-1); // current player 2 life number to display life number result?

That way, you can see your new life number show like you see in the original. So you can hide p{#}lifen off screen in levels.txt.
it is very likely that rolento gets stuck in the wall and cannot return to the game screen. although I have tried many times before but this has never happened to me. I will minimize the possibility if there is a chance
thank you for the script i really appreciate it

I am very grateful to you for all the help. Yes maxman script will be very suitable when applied to this mod. I trust you completely my friend
Hi @machok, I tested rapidly your game and I must say that we recover the Final Fight feeling. I'm wondering why you name it Street Fighter 89 since they are no SF stuff in it?
You can use # instead of // in your entities to empty your Openborlog.txt with these errors.

Keep up the good work ;)
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