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Current version: 1.4.0

Mirror: coming soon!

Update 2/23/2021:
- Add playable character;
  - Mai [Fatal Fury/King of Fighters].
- Updated all characters to have decreased frame delay with ducking animations (now 4 centiseconds, was 6 in 1.3.0, and 8 in 1.0.0).
- Updated Terry;
  - slightly increased travel distance and slightly decreased height of Crack Shoot (now plays like an in-between from version 1.0.1 and 1.3.0);
  - decreased the frame delay of the peak of Crack Shoot; decreased the frame delay of Power Geyser.
- Updated Ragna;
  - adjusted the running animation;
  - increased the end lag on the final attack in his regular attack chain;
  - adjusted hit pause on fourth and fifth regular attack; increased damage power of fourth and fifth regular attack;
  - Devoured by Darkness is now a multi-hit attack; increased the size of the initial hitbox of Devoured by Darkness;
  - decreased frame delay for the startup of Inferno Divider;
  - reworked Carnage Scissors to be more accurate to the source games;
  - slightly adjusted sprite offset in certain animations.
- Updated Cammy;
  - decreased frame delay for the startup of Cannon Spike;
  - decreased hit pause for the first phase and the startup of the second phase of Spin Drive Smasher;
  - adjusted the animation for Spin Drive Smasher;
  - decreased jump height and adjusted the animation for Axel Spin Knuckle;
  - adjusted animation for Cannon Spike;
  - Cannon Spike now has a recoil and can only hit one enemy, also increased attack power;
  - increased the damage power of Cannon Spike; updated jumpattack cycle; decreased frame delay of duck attack;
  - updated color palette.
- Updated Ryu;
  - decreased frame delay for the startup of Shoryuken;
  - sped up the animation for Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku;
  - Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku is now a multi-hit, with the first hit having increased range and a vacuum effect;
  - updated color palette.
- Updated Chun Li;
  - decreased frame delay for Spinning Bird Kick, increased the distance Spinning Bird Kick travels;
  - decreased frame delay for duckattack;
  - Kikosho is now a multi-hit attack.
- Updated Morrigan;
  - removed hit pause from Soul Eraser;
  - reduced the end lag from fifth regular attack;
  - removed unnecessary shadows on Silhouette Blade.
- Updated Felicia;
  - adjusted her forward dash to be uniform with Nightmare and Sophitia.
- Updated Taokaka;
  - adjusted the animation for Hexa Edge, it's significantly more smooth.
- Updated Athena;
  - Psycho Teleport no longer has an attack box, it's purely an evasive move;
  - Psycho Teleport has increased invincibility frames, and travels farther;
  - added special move Phoenix Arrow (please see movelist.txt for details).
- Updated Guile;
  - Flash Kick now has endlag.
- Updated character select screen.
- Updated movelist.txt.
- Slightly adjusted the spawn position of all EX Attack portraits.
- Implemented some RAM optimization to help with compatibility on lower-end hardware.

I've teased this enough on the Discord, that I figured I might as well show it off proper.



Project FGC is designed to be a cooperative fighting game for people who suck at fighting games, but still enjoy them. If you're familiar with Street Fighter Alpha 3's "Dramatic Battle" mode, it's a similar concept. The gameplay is fairly streamlined with simple inputs for specials and supers, and plenty of opportunities to juggle opponents. Stages are also strictly on a 2D plane, to stick with the fighting game motif. Most characters sport a standard 5-hit combo string and at least two specials, with everyone having a super (dubbed in-game as "EX Attack"). Additionally, there's both aerial and crouching attacks, plus a counterattack if you hit the block button while in your pain animation.

"FGC" in the name stands for either "fighting game character" or "fighting game community," whichever your fancy. To stick with the theme, I'm only adding characters that traditionally originated from a fighting game--so you won't see anyone like Wolverine or Mario.

The few people who have tested so far said it's really fun. Stay tuned as I work towards a release.  ;)

Here's some videos:

NickyP said:
Project FGC is designed to be a cooperative fighting game for people who suck at fighting games, but still enjoy them.
Basically me then  ;D

Soulcalibur has been my jam since I was kid and I've always longed for a side-scrolling beat'em up with those characters so to see Sophitia and Nightmare in this (albeit neither of them I play in SC, haha) is amazing. I will be following this project for sure ^_^
alucard2009 said:
very good idea,any chance to see manga chars like  kenshiro(hokuto no ken) or goku(dbz)?

He already said fighting game characters only.

On-topic, I think Jeanne would be a good choice.
I'm glad to see you're liking the idea so far.  ;D It's been a very fun change of pace and a certain "back to the roots" project.

Right now, I'm kind of wondering how I should pace the actual stages. Thus far, I have 11 levels that are all more or less what you see in the videos--linear stages filled with X amount of enemies that you combo and style on. Should I make separate levels for 1v1(or 2v1) bosses, or do I add bosses at the end of every level themselves? Decisions, decisions...

Speaking of decisions, help me pick something. Which color palette do you like for Terry Bogard? I can't choose between Real Bout 2 Special (the current one you saw in the video above) or my custom colors. Check out the image below:
I’d suggest bosses being separate. Maybe some mini-bosses at the end of regular stages. I also prefer the custom Pallete for Terry. I hope Angel makes the jump to the roster, as it would be interesting having a grappler.
I choose custom palette for Terry Bogard  8)

Should I make separate levels for 1v1(or 2v1) bosses, or do I add bosses at the end of every level themselves? Decisions, decisions...

Hmmm.... both options are good. Seperate level allows special level for the boss such as Vega or Rolento  ;)  ;)
Bosses at end of level is beat'm up style

If you don't have strict story, you can mix both options  :D
Seems like my custom palette for Terry is the most popular one!

So I worked on a few minibosses today. The way I see it, I'm going to spawn them either in the middle or at the end of the stage. Below is a video example of the former:

I think I'll reserve 1v1 style levels for actual bosses. I'm thinking characters like Bison, Geese, or I-no would suit well.
So I'm getting close to a point where I release a demo soon. I've finalized work on a major boss that you face alone at the end of an Arcade Mode route.


God Rugal from Capcom Vs SNK 2 is back to cause you nightmares again, and I've tried to design him to be comparatively as hard as his source material. If you're familiar with his fight from the actual game, then you already know you don't wanna get caught up in whatever's about to happen to poor Kyo in that third screenshot there.

So far, the game is split up into three main categories:
  • Training Mode: A simple level with an unbeatable enemy that allows you to practice to your hearts content. I use this to test out characters when I'm making them, and it's a generally "safe" environment to discover and practice combos.
  • Arcade Mode: Currently contains three separate variations, Routes A through C. Each variation has six levels where you will face about 20-22 enemies, two at a time. In certain levels, the mini bosses can invade either in the middle of the enemy groups or at the end. At the end the sixth level, you'll face a major boss in a special seventh level. As of right now, each Route has God Rugal as the final boss--though I'm planning to make it so there's a different one per Route (and frankly, likely more Routes in general).
  • Challenge Mode: One level, two lives, zero continues, four enemies at a time, 100+ enemies (including a hand ful of mini bosses) total. I literally haven't been able to beat it myself yet, so you know the name isn't exaggerating.

I'm considering the inclusion of a VS Mode, but it's not a priority for me. Plus I'd have to rebalance the characters a fair bit, as they're intentionally designed to be somewhat overpowered.

Slowly but surely, I'm making good progress on this. I'm aiming to release sometime around the end of next month.
This has so far been really fun. I like the game's environments. I have some suggestions, too:

* New moves for Ryu: Kuuchuu Tatsumaki (Press S in the air), Joudan Sokuto Geri (Press S while running), Shakunetsu Hadoken (Press S at 50 or less HP), Hanagashi (Up+S)
* Grabs could be added for players and enemies.  This would not only allow for normal grabs, but also special attack grabs like Valkyrie Turn, Hooligan Combination, etc.
* Emergency dodge/roll for when you're cornered by enemies.
* Future character suggestions: Yuri Sakazaki (KOF), Liu Kang (MK), Jon Talbain (DS), Jago (KI), Fillia (SG), Squigly (SG), May (GG), Mai (KOF), Nakoruru (SS/KOF), Kurara (Matrimelee), Jeanne (World Heroes), Sagat (SF), Fulgore (KI), Heart Aino (Arcana Heart)
* New moves for Morrigan: Vector Drain (S while running)
* New moves for Chun-Li: Hazanshu (Up+S), Tenshokyaku (Down+S)
* Nightmare, being a villain, may work better as an unlockable character than a starter.
* More non-SNK enemies. God Rugal did give me nightmares hahaha. Great stuff buddy :)
Very good game NickyP, congratulations!

It brings me good memories of my old Street Fighter vs The King of Fighters :)
I stopped because there is a lot of sprite style clash in my game. Your game have a great potential, the only thing that I suggest is to maintain the same sprite style.

Good luck!
Miru  Thanks for the tips and character suggestions! A lot of those characters were planned on being added, including the ones from Skull Girls. I want to have a list of "classic" and "modern" fighting game characters playable, which is why you see Blazblue and Soul Calibur as part of the roster so far. Once I finally learn how to do pile drivers and the like, I'll add a lot more grapplers and possiby give everyone a grab attack or so.

Davpreec Thanks for recording a gameplay video! My download count went up by about 30-40 ever since you posted it. It seems like you had trouble pulling off the mid-combo Special moves, though... did I not communicate how to do them well enough in the How To Play? (IE, with Cammy, you can cancel straight into Cannon Spike if you press Special upon landing a hit during your regular attack combo).

On another note, let me know if you ever want to do a 2-player run on parsec sometime!  ;D

As for everyone else so far, thanks for the well wishes! I'm glad to see you enjoyed the game!

EDIT: Damon Caskey every time I try to upload the file, it gives me an error: "you must enter a download name." This is in spite of the fact that I add a name/description/etc.
NickyP No problem buddy and thats great news about the rise in downloads  :D

Oh about the moves that was my own fault really i hardly everlook at the How To Play section in any games before i play hahaha. I will check that out before i do the other routes :)

Keep up the good work  :) Oh and yeah im for some 2 player anytime buddy just pm me when your free.
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