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Pigsy's Retro Game Development


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One of my long standing favorite channels. This guy has a great series on Mega Drive (Genesis) development. He also happens to be making a fantastic Symphony of The Night Remake on the Genny, with a demo available and thus far it looks amazing.

He's using a development kit that compiles C++ code to the Genesis CPU Assembly, and is very good at talking you through. I would recommend for any non-coders to have a look, as much of the coding and development principals apply to OpenBOR as well, though obviously not the limits. The guy also has a really great attitude. He's not in your face or trying to be cool. Just a nice guy teaching himself as he goes and sharing what he learns.

His earlier videos are visual only, but later on he begins adding voice over.

Here's the latest as of this post, showing how the Genny's Shadow and Highlight mode can approximate background transparency effects.

I follow his channel since some time ago. His recent video about Highlights is pretty good

I give him extra respect just for not using click bait titles and/or head shots making stupida** facial expressions in his thumnails.

Be so glad whenever that goes away. It turns me off even from creators I normally enjoy.

Another great site to visit: A Guide to the Graphics of the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis – Raster Scroll Books
written by https://twitter.com/MegaDriveShock

He explains a lot of techincal aspects of game deveopment in Sega Mega drive, like line scrolling, transparency, Shadow and highlight, etc
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