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Night Slashers: Remake

I am really trying to understand WHAT HAD HAPPENED HERE
its the dreaded equivalent of using Subject_to_screen on openbor, only worse even.....

since in this instance it makes the enemies bounce off the edges of the screen as if they where bouncing of walls.
noticed it way back on one of the demo videos

I dislike this - even on some fighting games like SF2 since it really makes no sense and the only fix for them was to implement zoom outs like in Killer instinct "/Gold and smash brothers.

the enemy ai on the demo is such a mess (kind of like my "Low IQ" zombies) that it seems they had no choice but to limit the enemies to the screen only, altho i will have to check if enemies also had this on the original, because i remember that at the very least , the "running throw" would make zombies hit the edge of the screen and bounce off non existant walls.

for openbor i wish that instead of having a subject to screen we could easily arrange buffer zones and have those buffer zones change the enemy AI behavior temporarily....
second issue , this game seems to have added a thing where a tossed enemy damages other enemies, but instead of the enemy just knocking down the rest, at the moment of contact the tossed enemy bounces off the enemy with as much "force" as when it was tossed, making some kind of rubber ball effect, made only worse by the bounce it gets additionally from the edge of screen "forcefield"
LOL zombies not only look rubbery, they are made of rubber it seems

don't get me wrong , I like this weird collision mechanic, its sort of like the automatic ragdoll effect on some game engines, but there has to be some degree of realistic push and bounce, where a flying or tossed enemy damages the rest, and you see a little bit of bounce back or none depending on the "weight" of the flying body
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another one of the "positives"

the game actually features scaling.
here is side by side comparison of HOng far away and closer.

it is very subtle...

I wonder if there is any way to test the demo without using Steam, i would like to see if an stereoscopic driver could actually run this thing on 3D
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