Megaman Robot Master Mayhem 3.0 Release

O Ilusionista

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The Robot Master Mayhem Team and Infinity are Proud to Present Megaman: Robot Master Mayhem 3.0.
The project has been in development since 2009.

The Roster now consists of 27 playable fighters.
Take control of your favorite Megaman characters to stop the Evil Dr. Wily and Quint from conquering the Earth.

This Release includes:
-Five New Playable Characters:
  Elec man
  Needle man
  Pharaoh man
  Shadow man
-One New Boss:
  Metonger Z
-Two Revamped Characters:
  Guts man
  Mega man
-New Stages
-Major updates and changes to all Characters
-New Push Block Mechanic
-All Characters now have two throws
-New Effects, Hit Sparks, and Hyper backgrounds
-Updated AI
-Updated Music Tracks
-Updates to the Screen Pack

A special thanks goes out to O Ilusionista, The Robot Master Mayhem Team, and Everyone else that helped make this new release possible.
Thank you to everyone out there that followed our progress over the course of the project to this point.  There's more to come!
Thanks for your continued interest and support, it's what drives us to create new and fun content.
I hope you have fun and enjoy the release.

Please report any Bugs here




Megaman Robot Master Mayhem 3.0 Release 1/30/2020
Download link:


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Played it; and here's a bug report;

* Negative edge malfunctions. I've tried to pull it off, but it never works.
* Some foes seem like they need a higher AI/1-player tier; like Enker and Burst Man. Most of the time, though, losing a match feels fair and square.
* Hunter chains feel rather wonky. Some attacks should be sped up if chained into, to make them feel more natural.
* Mega Man's voices from MVC games are still used for his taunt. I also think it would have been nice to have his older power sets from version 2.5 as an alternate mode by pressing start.

On the other hand, I like the job you did with things like the AI and the sprite revamps.

O Ilusionista

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Miru heheheh you got addicted to negative edges huh/
They are present and they work (you can even saw it on the video)

There will be a bug fix patch in few hours.

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Thanks buddy.
The game were updated 2 times today - if anyone already downloaded it, please download the most recent version - 3.0.2
Some important bug fixes were made today. Please, download the latest version 3.0.2

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THanks guys.

The game were updated AGAIN - now you will fight the sub bosses and not only Quin and Wily.
Sorry, my mistake.


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Here's my first successful playthrough of the game ^_^: Probably not very exciting since I suck at games like this (even though I love them, lol).


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Another playthrough with probably my favourite character to play as; Bass:
Yes, I'm a dirty buster spammer :|  ;D

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Thanks for another video, buddy. I liked your voice work on him and I don't see a problem on Slasher .

I can't wait to work with you again :)

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Right from Mega Man 8, here comes a new bonus stage for the Mega Man Robot Master Mayhem project: Big Telly.
You have to beat a certain number of enemies before the time runs off. In the second round, some robots will attack you (does no damage, just to hold you back).

Also there is a new exclusive stage for this battle :)

==| Credits |==
Original base: POTS
Coding and idea: O Ilusionista
Mega Man 8 Stage: O Ilusionista
Big Portrait: Rage

O Ilusionista

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My friend DCL is helping us to include something in Mega Man Robot Master Mayhem which many people requested: Tag system.
This is just a initial test, but I already liked the result :)

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