In Progress Marvel vs Capcom X

The project is currently under development.
Looks like I have to wait on this.

Also glad you guys aren't using transparencies for the projectiles and hit sparks. Keeping that classic 90s feel.
Testing the new character Mr. X on the recent demo (October 2023)
There are other new characters like Cyclops, Venom + ballance changes

Full video and free download:

PS: I've tried to upload the game here but its too big (750mb)
All supers from Marvel vs. Capcom X, a great fan game, recently released by MvCXgame which is kinda a cross between Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2.

All supers and download:
When it come to MVC games!
I'll always go with Clash of Super Heroes over New age of Heroes, sprites on a 3D stage is a no for me and they changed the special effects that was consistent throughout their Marvel base games but this right here fit the bill.
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