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La-Quien Tales

Working on jump frames, and got frustrated with my tiny palette swatches, so I took some time to make a (hopefully) better one.





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Family member pointed out the walk animation was a severe mismatch and didn't at all come close to the CVS aesthetics I wanted. She was more than right - If anything, it was a lot closer to the sort of Fresco, color banded style SNK used in KOF, which I've often mentioned not liking at all. Here's an attempt to rectify, and then retroactively apply what I've (hopefully learned) to the idle as well:

Old (left) vs New (Right):


I'll post a video later on when I finish up some more of the jumping/dashing movements.

Hey guys, I'll be doing an informal live stream of converting this module to run 960 wide screen using sub-screens to zoom. If you are interested, it is scheduled for 2024-06-16 (today) at 12:00 EST.

@danno, @Kratus, @O Ilusionista, we all talked about this, so it might be of use to you.

Since @Luca Natale brought it up in the live video, here's a size chart for comparison. Actual size, and 4x.

Left to Right
  1. Kyoko - River City Girls
  2. Lucia - Capcom D&D Series
  3. Crassus - Capcom D&D series
  4. Axel Stone - Streets of Rage 2
  5. Valis Yuan - Quests of Quien.

FYI, Valis's sprites are intentionally scaled to SOR2 Axel and Crassus. In terms of stats, Valis is roughly the same height as Axel (182cm vs 183cm), but considerably heavier (91kg vs 75kg). In fairness though, Axel's weight doesn't match his proportions at all - a pretty common trope in Japanese media. As you can see, I missed the mark a little - Valis will tower over either of them when he stands up straight. That's OK though as long I can keep a good size consisteny with all the other Quests of Quien sprites.

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