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Kirby the Dream Battle

In Progress Kirby the Dream Battle 3.1

No permission to download
The project is currently under development.

O Ilusionista

Captain 80K
Kirby The Dream Battle is a kirby fighting game with gameplay very similar to Kirby Super Star Ultra.

The goal is to beat his opponent with the ability and attack of the character you have chosen.

Each character has it own different set of attack from the Kirby where he appeared.

In addition, each character has 1 (or 2) ultimate technique called “Hyper” which will be available when it has its maximum ability gauge.

The number of playable character will be very numerous, all the character of Kirby with more than 2 attacks will have its place in the game!

There will be some guests on the game :)

This project was idealized by Fou Mage of The Sun, while I coded some of the bosses and a guest char. From this version and on, I will be the Project Director.

Longplay with Mega Man (guest character)
Never played a Kirby game in my life. Guess I'll have to make this one the first. Looks pretty interesting!

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