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Finding the perfect game


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I had this on my mind for a while so I'm gonna ask a question here. Have you ever been browsing any game stores, online or physical, looking for a certain game but nothing really grabs you? There's a lot of times I've looked around Steam, looking at a lot of games and in my mind going, I really wish someone would make something like Gunstar Heroes or Alien Soldier. Something like that you know?
I'm sure most of you know I'm a Sonic fan, yes I've played all 3 Spark the Electric Jester games, finished the first Freedom Planet and still need to play the sequel. So far I got Sonic style games and the only thing needed is one that will take things further then the previous games I mentioned, not just the bosses in Sonic Frontiers, lol. As far as Alien Soldier and Gunstar Heroes, the closest to an of them I've gotten was Spectacular Sparky, which looks like they replaced Ristar with a rabbit and gave him a gun. Blazing Chrome and Huntdown are more closer to Contra clones but both games are some of the best games of their time and I regularly come back to them. I also have to give an honorable mention to Steel Assault, where the protagonist wields an electric whip, Belmont style, and I'm not even big on Castlevania. :LOL:

So those are some of the games I found, but over the years they're far and few. Anyone else ever have this feeling, looking for a certain game to fit what you're looking for, only for very few games to actually hit the mark? If so, which game is it? Or even better, if you actually managed to find a game that hit the mark. :cool:

EDIT: Changed the title, in case it's not conveyed that I mean finding new games

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Perfect games for me are Shinobi 3 on the genesis/mega drive and the Arcade version of Sunset Riders, oh and Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition, I never want to change/add anything to these games and I could play them over and over without getting bored, absolute perfection.
I see Sunset Riders on certain youtube videos every so often, I honestly never that since the arcade days. Shinobi 3 I've not only played, but even managed to beat on hard difficulty, no cheats or abusing the save states. The only thing that still gave me trouble was that stage where you have to jump up the rocks. The double jump doesn't always work for me, lol. As for the final boss, I just rush him with the running attack, then use the lightning ninjustsu when I'm almost dead. I did use the save state to fihgt him several times just to test this out and as long as I'm careful, I won most of the time. :cool:
I have occasionally. Sometimes I even look at my wishlist the same way, sometimes regretting putting games on there, but never enough to remove them. Will also check out your recommendations.
i aint gonna say perfect, but very hard to improve games.....

sunset riders
castlevania 4
sonic 3 and nuckles
shinobi 3
super metroid
kirby superstar
supermario all-stars

--- notice that these games are pixel art, and their styles are very hard to upgrade
the only improvement i would give them is stereo 3D projection modes.

as for the polygon era..... texture improvements, raytracing, shaders, increased poly count and etc are always a posibility so those are games that can always improve.....
I see Shinobi being talked in this thread. It's hard to find a modern Shinobi game that is good. Here are some games worth a look :

Shadow Gang (Steam)

It's an indie game which tries the Shinobi/Shadow Dancer formula. It's not perfect but it's fun.
This is the day 1 trailer, the dev has fixed the notable issues. Also the Boss looks like Freddy Mercury. :p

Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider (Steam/ GOG)

Game made the people who made Blazing Chrome, this ones reminds me of Shinobi 3. Good but somewhat too easy. Trailer.

Pizza Tower (Steam)

@DJGameFreakTheIguana: if you like Sonic for the speed and Warioland for the graphics, I warmly recommend Pizza Tower.

Not everybody will like the visuals but my God the moveset is huge. The speed insane, kinda like the speed of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 to give you an idea.
They are mini-games, also an alternate character to play with during certain sections. The story is presented like the old cartoons of the '90s.
The gameplay is exhilarating. If you value Sonic, you might fall in love with it.


Shadowgangs seems like one of those snes "retexture" deals,
the graphics are colorful, and they very slightly remind me of that ugly-ish double dragon 5 game for the jaguar...

it deserves support tho, from the video it makes me want to play genesis shadow dancer, but rather than do that , if i had the game in my machine, i would surely play it to the end.

Pizza tower --
i dont know why this game doesnt appeal to me - it's got ren and stimpy or earthworm jim - style weirdness.... good animation, i have heard some of the sountrack and its great....
but it feels "claustrophobic" --- lots of retro games have this weird worlds that are confined or feel confined inside a structure, catlevania symphony of the night did this and it always felt weird to me, aside from that weird feeling...
i dont know why it feels like its missing something, maybe it that same little aversion i have for symphony of the night, where the game felt too long, and it may be the case with pizza tower...
extrangely, i dont get that feeling on supermetroid, the gba sequel or AM2R - i finished those games with about 60% to 80% of collectibles, never intended to 100% them but it felt right.
symphony of the night.... even without the intention of 100%-ing it, it feelt too long, donkey kong 64 at 102% felt less cumbersome (and many say that game is what "killed" collecthatons)

to put it in other terms, now i have 2 comparisons
pizza tower´s humor and art style gives me this weird vibe that i had with cartoon network´s cow and chicken... 2 agry beavers and similar
in that those type of shows where CN's answer to Ren and Stimpy....

castlevania 2- simon's quest, castlevania 3, castlevania 4 - short games where scenes that take place on the outside world, forests, etc, the enviroments feel like they have an open sky (i fell the same way about EWJ)
symphony of the night and rest of the metroidvanias, they feel like enviroments inside walls, like fake movie sets at times, a biodome.... (pizza tower)

sorry for the long rant... but that is why i don't have the feels 4 pizza tower
@oldyz: if you like Castlevania 2 Simon Quest, you might try Infernax (Steam).
It's more open-ended (there are cities in Infernax), it's full of secrets, has several endings and quite a few characters to unlock.
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