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Fight Forever

In Progress Fight Forever D1

No permission to download
The project is currently under development.
They were several Bootleg versions of Street Fighter 2. I played one of them as a teenager and called it erroneously "Rainbow Edition". (post here).

Funny thing though, a few days later I did my research and noticed that the "Rainbow Edition" wasn't really the one available in my neighbourhood. You see shotokans in Rainbow Ed throw one fireball at a time.

Whereas in my my version they launched 2 fireballs at the time. This is the version you can see in Mr.Q Fight Forever vid above at "0:55sec"; in the module it's seems a Super though.

I believe the version with 2 fireballs is actually called Street Fighter II Champion Edition M5:

This is a strange broken hacked version of Champion Edition. I had that cab im my local shop back in the day and was baffled at what it was lol. You can also chance your char on the fly by pressing the start button.
Continue this, please, i were testing the demo and the gameplay its smooth and funny, you found a great equlibrium "formula" here, and thats the base of a good game, its going to be a 5 stars project.

Cant wait to see new further updates, gz.
Good job, now all we need to do is show us the moves for Astro or The Scorpion, from what I've been following, there will be other characters from Ring of Destruction, really looking forward to the new updates.
Yes, there will be more, I am adding Gunloc, Biff, Oni, Jumbo, El Stingray and Titanic Tim as well, mixing their US and JAP names to make a better representation.

Astro is one of the craziest playable characters I have ever made, and it'll be shown in his character reveal video.
Now I know why this is named "Fight Forever" and not "Final Fight". I thought you were afraid of Capcom's lawyers coming after you for this. Now I see that this is more than just Final Fight.
At 1st I got the catchy name from the wrestling chant, and also I really wanted to step into the franchise one more time after all I have learned with my previous project, the ambitious Ultimate Double Dragon.

Fight Forever, as the name of the game suggests, aims to be one of the games with the most replay value due to its vast content amd randomized events. Containing all the FFight games Stages (and more) & also tons of characters diversity, having different subsystems to explore with their Dynamic Chain Combos and their Super Arts & grab Hyper Combos.

Expect more Capcom characters to be present as well as some obscure cameo ones with a moveset and exposure like never before. It' about time someone make these cool dudes some justice.

Can't wait to show you all the work so far.
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