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DC D20

DC D20 (random numbers) 3.1

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Just made some minor updates to my random number generator and realized I hadn't posted it to ChronoCrash. See the link here. The front page readme details how to use it.


Edit 2024-05-23: Moved to ChronoCrash resources.
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I was thinking about something like this but for fall velocities, you would have dropv value displayed onscreen and you could change it then make enemy fall with changed values, then you could take a looks at the value if its what you want and copy that to your dropv in text file.
I wish there was something like this for fglayer, where you could manipulate all values of flayer displayed as text onscreen and could easily create parallax effects that you want because changing them one by one and restarting levels to see it is time consuming.
@paulo.bender & @bWWd

Sorry guys, I didn't realize this wasn't in resources. I'll bring it over. I took most of my github repositories private due to a bunch if issues I don't want to derail the thread with.

If there are some other resources you need, let me know and I'll try to get them ported over.

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