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Classic VS : (Discussion)

Here is another character that will be in the new update. It's a sprite swap of Ultimate Ryu with the Street Fighter 1 sprites. I started this project a long, long time ago and decided to finish up the sprites and get it released. All the new sprites are done by me except the animated stance, that was done a by a creator named Lows 9.0. I also made a smart palette for him. Here is a preview of some sprites and video.

It's very good that you even made a walking animation, it could be very useful for Openbor projects dealing with Street Fighter 1 :)
Bravo for these palettes and all these new moves. Do you have any other SF1 characters in mind?
I don't have any plans at the moment for SF1 characters though Sagat seems like a good choice if I were to make another. I could even recreate the famous Ryu uppercut that gave Sagat his chest scare when SF1 RYU VS SF1 Sagat. Those walking animations for the intro are from the original game. I just added the leaf blowing around.
The SF1 roster could work as unplayable characters similar to what Punisher Warzone does with a lot of its characters that don't have a lot of material, though I could see a playable Ultimate Birdie based on his Alpha 1 sprite set.
Ryu is basically finished. He has all the same moves now as Ultimate Ryu, but with a few twists to keep things interesting. In this last preview video I go over all his moves as well as Evil Ryu so you can get a look at them. Ryu will be released on 5/24/2024.

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I love when Ryu (first video) does his Super Shoryuken with the flying dragon which it moves vertically in around an 80-degree angle. It's a recall to the Street Fighter 1 flyer which he did his flying/jumping kick with his fire aura around him. Amazing work there!
Loved everything you shown buddy.
If you could make a new walking animation for Ryu, it would be better. Because the original one was one of the worst walking anim in the ever lol
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