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Changing throw trajectories without using special hurt animations

I'm working on a player model and want to just narrowly avoid the whole "towel slinging throw" as this forum puts it. Is there any way I could change the height and speedx of the thrown enemy like i can using jumpframe or dropv?
Changing trajectories is simple enough, there are specific properties for that... but it won't fix the towel sling, at all. That's a matter of animation and binding. There is no way around using a scripted grappling system if you want nice looking, stable throws.

Fortunately, there are dozens and dozens of examples you can transpose to your project. Probably the most recent one you could look at is @machok's Final Fight.

As I use a lot of scripted grabs on my games, I strongly advice you to USE special hurt animations for that.
I see you have a Mugen background, so the custom animation works differently: instead of having the animation on the attacker (like Mugen does), the special animation is on the target.

But using scripted grabs will make your work way easier, because you can narrow it to only 2 animations if you want - instead of dozen animations of the old method of making one new fall animation for each grab like people did in the early days of OpenBOR.

On my games, I made a method (wip)which uses only 2 extra animations - 1 universal (and since you have Mugen background, you will recognize how it works) and one for ending the slam
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