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Aligning sprites

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Gary P Smith

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Does anyone know how to align sprites so the character is in the centre of the sprite? No matter what I do it's in the top left corner. I have been trying to change character sprites so they are the same as sprites from various games where all the sprites are the same size. Failing that, how do you work out the correct X and Y co-ordinates with Fighters Factory Studio? It isn't clear where you have to position the sprites and it seems very hit and miss.


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Does anyone one this website actually know about aligning sprites? Just asking.

Very inappropriate, and not even close to acceptable.

You've already asked this question before and gotten an answer, even though the information is available in the manual, the wiki, dozens and dozens of existing threads, more written tutorials than I can count, several sets of walk through videos, 30 some odd example modules, and just over 200 finished games you could use for references.

That just after making a big deal of your so called retirement, which itself followed two weeks of doing nothing at all.

We're here to help, but after a while, members of a community (not just ours) are quick to spot someone who isn't really interested in taking instructions or helping themselves in any meaningful way, at which point they stop paying attention.

You were already warned by @danno for spam, so between that and electing to be abrasive, I'm locking the thread and issuing you thirty warning points. That's an automatic one month mute. Learn to comport yourself properly or you will be out for good.

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