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Alien vs. Predator

In Progress Alien vs Predator 0.05

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The project is currently under development.

O Ilusionista

Captain 80K


@ZVitor brings another new game, now focused on the Alien vs Predator franchise. The game is still in development, but it can already be played in co-op with up to 3 players.


The advantage of being an indie developer is being able to bring back franchises that would be a copyright nightmare for companies to bring back.

Preview and download:
Here's my playthrough of the demo guys with Predator:

Pretty good overall, I noticed there is a delay when shooting with the plasma cannon don't know if that's a bug or what, also I noticed quite a few stages are dark so it's kind of hard to see the dark aliens or maybe that's just me lol!!!

Anyways, looking forward to the updates man, hopefully we get to pick up weapons down the line and use them like in the original game!! Thanks again for everything man.
Holy Facehugger! I used to play this gem in the arcades. AVP had a subtantial movelist and boasted a phenomenal sound design.
AVP was finishable with only a few credits and it was super entertaining. Quite frankly this game stands the test of time.

@ZVitor: do you plan to add new characters or expand the levels? (I was thinking about alternate routes. ^^)

Anyways whatever you choose, just know that - once again ^^- you've made a happy gamer. A toast to you.
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Thanks guys, this first release was attempt to create a base simillar to original, to next and final release i should start to tink about custom stuffs.
I'm not really a fan of AVP (I've only seen like 1 or 2 movies from either franchise) so I was gonna give this one a miss, but I thought I'd check it out and I actually kind of enjoyed it for the most part :) Linn's moveset especially felt really fun and easy to use though her Air Attack2 (the sword dive) felt weirdly slow? I enjoyed using the dodge a lot with her too. Dutch on the other hand I couldn't figure out how to use him well at all, but he's probably the kind of character I usually don't play well anyway (the slow powerhouses). Haven't had a chance to try Predator yet.

Every enemy attack knocking you down was a little annoying, but the aerial recovery helped to ease it a little so thank you for including that :) It was actually kind of fun getting knocked down and then doing a backflip and dive-kick in mid air with Linn.

My main issue with the game was; way too many enemies on screen. The number of enemies feels more what I would expect for the maximum (3) players, not a single player. I felt overwhelmed, and there were times I couldn't even see my character because they were covered by all the enemies 😅 I highly recommend perhaps having a separate mode for each player count, and decrease the group sizes for the enemies for 2 and 1 players to something more manageable, as it currently feels just a little too chaotic and frustrating.

Overall though, it's a nice start :)
I remember played the original version on my sega mini few years back with my son and this game suffered from unbalanced difficulty hopefully @ZVitor version will fixed this
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