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  1. Scarlet Lupercalia

    Remove unused music and squeeze size of .pak files

    Nope, unfortunately. I choose to edit any .paks i have to use .ogg music instead of .bor music instead, it usually cuts down 20 megabytes in the pak.
  2. Scarlet Lupercalia

    In Progress Night Slashers X variants

    If this is still being worked on (been 2 months since the last post in this thread), any chance the new character is Karnov? He happens to have a set of sprites that could work, and he makes a lot of cameos in Data East's games.
  3. Scarlet Lupercalia

    Crime Buster model issues

    someone made an updated version that works with newer builds. Oh, i understand what i did wrong now, the "maxattacktypes" was at it's default of 10
  4. Scarlet Lupercalia

    Crime Buster model issues

    So, I was going to use player characters from Crime Buster as templates since I feel like my gameplay could use a bit more "oomph", so I ended up plopping a couple of things into a blank-ish mod with CRxTRDude's story system and Kratus' custom pause menu. The engine somehow thinks the enemies'...
  5. Scarlet Lupercalia

    Changing throw trajectories without using special hurt animations

    I'm working on a player model and want to just narrowly avoid the whole "towel slinging throw" as this forum puts it. Is there any way I could change the height and speedx of the thrown enemy like i can using jumpframe or dropv?
  6. Scarlet Lupercalia

    Rescue Command Episode 2 2023-12-07

    The second installment of Rescue Command, featuring multiple playable characters.
  7. Scarlet Lupercalia

    Bad Schoolgirls v2

    Even more difficult than Rescue Command. This game sees Norimaro becoming a transfer student, only for the girls to be particularly cruel to him. Things aren't what they seem, however.
  8. Scarlet Lupercalia

    Rescue Command 2018 Remake

    A somewhat difficult Rocket Viper 2 clone by OzGames. "Attack the Prison" sees Arcueid being sent to Amazon Island to rescue hostages, while "The Prisoner" sees Norimaro trying to escape the high-security prison on the island.
  9. Scarlet Lupercalia

    Demo Samurai Warriors HD Demo

    Short abandoned demo by OzGames. Play as Nobunaga and slash your way through a couple of stages. Notably uses high-resolution sprites from anime fighting games.
  10. Scarlet Lupercalia

    Complete Briga de Rua 2

    Pretty sure the other "Briga de Rua" games by the same person are heavily based on Rocket Viper 2 instead of MK The Chosen One (the one with Ken even has the exact same stages and everything). Still sucks to see someone's mod get butchered like this though.
  11. Scarlet Lupercalia

    Concept A War of Fallen Beat-em-up Heroes

    Any chance Ricky from Mutation Nation would show up? Possibly as a boss or NPC helper?
  12. Scarlet Lupercalia

    BOR CVS Template 2023-09-24

    Reupload of OzGames' Rocket Viper-esque template since their blog was taken down pretty recently. Has Volcanic's dialogue box script as well as underwater particle effect scripts.
  13. Scarlet Lupercalia

    In Progress Rhythm of Destruction MAXED OUT!

    As a side note, Women of War was built off of a Guardian Heroes mod instead of any of the ROD mods.
  14. Scarlet Lupercalia

    In Progress Rhythm of Destruction MAXED OUT!

    there's also 2 edits of Rhythm of Destruction by Prolophis Videogamer you could lift stuff from if you haven't combed through them already. Considering they've more or less disappeared from the internet some time in 2021 you might be fine lifting stuff from them.
  15. Scarlet Lupercalia

    Demo Sailor Moon Classic 08-15-2012

    An update of Kungpow Productions' Sailor Moon fangames that adds widescreen and 4-player support. It never left the Beta stage of development, and had 2 versions of the demo released. The one attached is a later demo with fewer credits.
  16. Scarlet Lupercalia

    In Progress Rhythm of Destruction MAXED OUT!

    Not entirely sure about where to contact Lunatuna aside from Mugenguild, and it's been a year since they were last active on there. I do know Juke Kisaragi (creator of "Mai"/Fliz) has a twitter, though. Pretty sure they both might not really mind using assets from their characters though.
  17. Scarlet Lupercalia

    In Progress Rhythm of Destruction MAXED OUT!

    Thought of how you'd change "Mina"/Isabeau yet? I know her sprites in-game use the orange haired palette instead of the default red shown in her portrait. She's been remade by Lunatuna (i'm pretty sure all of her sprites have the eye scars and messier bangs now) but you might want to ask them...
  18. Scarlet Lupercalia

    Hologram (Cycloid Gamma) training dummy 2023-05-08

    In case anyone needs a good "training dummy" model without having to modify one of their enemies' spawn HP. VERY simple with no attacks, and has the highest HP available for a model.
  19. Scarlet Lupercalia

    Archive.org Prolophis collection

    If you haven't seen already, I uploaded my collection of Prolophis' old mods to Archive.org: https://archive.org/details/Prolophis-Videogamer-BOR New additions include v3 of Final Fight Alpha Plus (the one with the alternate Chun Li, Ella, and a badly-ripped Kurokishi) and Touhou Shooter (a...
  20. Scarlet Lupercalia

    Solved How do I remove "Ready!" text when a character is selected/loaded?

    Thanks. I forgot which .Txt file to put these in too, unfortunately
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