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Vendetta Super Recargado

Vendetta Super Recargado 2.5

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This game takes the cartoon violence of Konami's sadly overlooked Vendetta and mixes in elements from Double Dragon, Ninja Warriors, and more to create an all new, but familiar experience that's sure to satisfy.

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This game is a little rough around the edges in places, but ticks off the most important box: It's fun to play! Tons of weapons, decent sized move sets, plenty of interactivity, and everything moves at a nice pace.

Presentation wise, there are a few odd sound effect choices. Overall it has most of the Vendetta feel of outlandish violence, but sometimes things just don't match. For example, Blood using clips from NeverWinter Nights Fighter voice set doesn't fit at all. The ground impact sounds for slams also needs replacing. The one in use now has the impact of a wet pillow, and kind of ruins the effect of all those brutal grapples.

Visually, there are quite a few severely mismatched graphics, but it's not so bothersome you can't overlook them. The smooth transitions from level to level are very cool and evocative of old school Double Dragon or Golden Axe.

The biggest problem by far is that with all the platforming, enemies can easily get stuck and soft lock the game. That needs addressing right away. Player jumps also need a minor boost. As an example, there is a bridge gap in Vendetta mode you can't cross even with a running jump - you have to perform an attack midair that for whatever reason gives you a kind of double jump effect. Nothing at all in the game informs you of this, and you're guaranteed to lose a life or two. Guys like Hawk can't even ascend some platforms at all.

All these flaws, and still a four star? See the first line. The overall fun factor makes up for most issues. Tune up some of the platform gaffs, add four player support, and you'll have a five star winner!
Hello DC, I just saw this, I've been watching videos and comments from the guys about the game, I saw errors that I didn't notice before and discovered others that I failed when packaging the game. For example, there are enemies that get stuck or fall off the platform because this BorpakWin program deleted many files, a warning for people who speak Spanish, the program ignores the letter Ñ, which is fundamental for Spanish, basically it does not copy my files with that letter , I know that Ñ does not exist in English. Regarding the sounds of the characters, I would love to put the originals but BridgeM1 only extracts the vendetta music, anyway I am working hard to solve the flaws, I will add a female character and other things like the running jump, sounds and details etc, give the 4-player game, no at the moment, that will be for later.
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