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You better prepare yourself for a Double Dragon experience like no other. This game has more moves than an earthworm on Ex-Lax, and it's every bit as slick. However you want to fight, you'll find it here using the unique switch system. Each character comes equipped with a set of fighting styles you can swap on the fly to create your own customized combinations and technique.

You want martial arts movie action? Fire this up and you'll think you're staring in a late 60's Hong Kong flick. Combos? Pull off some triple digit madness that would make the MVC series go cry for mommy. Prefer wrestling instead? Got that too, and the commentary to go with it! Then throw in tons of secret fighters, weapons galore, environmental techniques, and a few finishers too.

Choose your path and try not to tear up at the endless game and pop culture references, all set to a lovingly crafted soundtrack that will keep you reaching for the quarters.

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  1. Ultimate Double Dragon - Chin & Ranzou demo

    This updated demo adds grand masters Chin Seimei and Yagyu Ranzou. The unique tag in mechanic...

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Yeah this seems really cool. im glad i got to experience the amazing skill set your stuff has. amazing compliation of skills.
Very solid game demo.
I'm not so fan of the actual roster (for now), but it's very polished with tons of moves and references (even if some of them can sound a bit out of place). Some of the best project with the engine.

Gameplay : 5 stars
Everything else ; 3.5 stars

Good it can be downloaded in the creator's website, because all my attempts to DL it here failed.
It will be the biggest game in the history of OpenBor!!!!!!!!!!!
funny game!
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