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Projects meant as a technical demonstrator or instructional tutorial.
The House was inspired by Splatterhouse 3's multilevels system linked by doors. Since the former doesn't include splatting anything so it's only named The House.

I've made The House more than a decade ago but it was pretty crude and inefficient. The concept is reused again with better script and better efficiency in Rise of Warduke but it requires playing some time before player could see the concept.
So I've remade The House with same base (Crime Buster's harbor bg set) but better and with more features.
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This module shows how to construct multilevels system and required entities for it.
House 1.png

House 3.png

This module also has other features such as key system and dark levels.
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House 5.png

House 2.png

v2 update has typing console + password system in it. It's coded to work well with multilevels system.
2 doors in indoor levels are password locked, however the hint for each door are placed nearby.

There's also a secret room in the house. See if you can enter it without modifying anything in the template ;)
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