Streets of Rage X (Windows / Android)

Streets of Rage X (Windows / Android) Beta 24

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A continuation of the previous SOR2X game, which recreates all the classic Streets of Rage games with an enhanced fighting mechanic, new features plus now including the first game as a totally new route.

Currently in beta state and subject to big updates. Stay tuned!

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Latest updates

  1. Beta 24

    ### BETA 24 ### - Game: Minor fix in the game setting's preset "warning" text, it was not...
  2. Beta 23

    ### BETA 23 ### - Game: Fixed some wrong name positions in the select screen for 2p/4p in all...
  3. Beta 22

    ### BETA 22 ### - Game: Changed the cop call command, now can be done by holding attack and...

Latest reviews

Have you ever wanted to replay all 3 original SOR games but with modern gameplay features, such as knockdown recovery, juggle, otg, counters, SOR4-style specials and more? Then make sure to try SORX!
Thanks buddy!
What a perfect game, I am crazy about it and can't stop playing.
Blaze, Sammy, Adam and Max are fun to play and it's still in demo, pretty sure the rest characters are going to be fantastic!!
Jumpattack are perfect, air grab also incredible. Very recommend not only to gamers but also casual. This is my top 3 openbor games all of time
the creator is an expert and also very a nice guy, congrats for amazing demo, the community lucky to have you.
Thank you very much my friend :)
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