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Streets of Rage X (Windows / Android)

Streets of Rage X (Windows / Android) Beta 27

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A continuation of the previous SOR2X game, which recreates all the classic Streets of Rage games with an enhanced fighting mechanic, new features plus now including the first game as a totally new route.

Currently in beta state and subject to big updates. Stay tuned!

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5.00 star(s) 14 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Beta 27

    ### BETA 27 ### - Game: Allow more variations for "doubled" enemies (instead of only...
  2. Beta 25

    ### BETA 25 ### - Engine-General: Updated the build version to the latest, fixed minor issues. -...
  3. Beta 24

    ### BETA 24 ### - Game: Minor fix in the game setting's preset "warning" text, it was not...

Latest reviews

This game is literally x1000 better than SOR4, thats a shame lol
Hi friend, thanks a lot for the feedback, it's an honor to be compared with SOR4 🙂
I really enjoyed this. The changes to the combo system are incredibly fun (and to me felt a bit like a halfway step between the original trilogy and Streets of Rage 4). The air grapple in particular makes certain annoying enemies actually fun to fight.
And it's this awesome despite still being in Beta! I'm really looking forward to seeing how this project evolves as Kratus comes closer to fully realising their vision!
I appreciate the feedback, my friend. I'm glad you like the game.
Great! Thank you!
Thanks 🙂
Hello. Thank you very much for your games. PAXPLODE in Streets of Rage X not working? Please help.
Thanks for the feedback. There's some locks under tests in this version, most paxplode versions will not work at least during the beta state.
Man....i can't stress how fantastic this game is. I've easily played 100's of hours in Streets Of Rage 4 and always felt like there was something missing....and when i came across X2 a few months back my mind was blown....and i can tell X is gonna be an instant banger. The fighting mechanics in X vs 2X are subtly changed but improved even more enjoyable.

The mere fact that you can change the games settings to cater to your play-style is fantastic.The newly added zoom-in effect in X to the rage attacks is a real nice touch and the fact that there is EVEN something called a "Rage" attack is so cool.

i've only just downloaded X today and instantly got hooked on it....The added air grapple, is fire to chain wall bounce and air combo's... the new balance with damage increase is a very welcoming change because honestly at times my hands were getting exhausted in 2X from all the button mashing by stage 6 lol.

I was worried about the encounter with Vehelits in SOR 2 because in X2 damage was so low that it would interrupt the pace of kicking his a$$ because he would be outside the wall then you'd have to slowly beat him up being forced to use lame tactics or just choosing another route altogether to avoid him but now i noticed that boss is way more active even before the battle starts and the damage difference fixes those issues ,especially with Sammy.

being able to continue without actually waiting for GO > caught me by surprise but gave me a sense of satisfaction for those enemies that abuse it and the only choice was to wait until they came out,until now.

the added track remixes is like the cherry on top.
in short, i can't wait until this is finished because from what i've seen so far the improvements are very well thought out.

i've got 2X on my Nintendo Switch and im REALLLLLLLY hoping i can do the same with this one and it works just as flawless cause the only game that can quench my beat em up thirst in a loooong time has been this.....so thank you very much.
Thank you very much for your feedback :)
Have you ever wanted to replay all 3 original SOR games but with modern gameplay features, such as knockdown recovery, juggle, otg, counters, SOR4-style specials and more? Then make sure to try SORX!
Thanks buddy!
What a perfect game, I am crazy about it and can't stop playing.
Blaze, Sammy, Adam and Max are fun to play and it's still in demo, pretty sure the rest characters are going to be fantastic!!
Jumpattack are perfect, air grab also incredible. Very recommend not only to gamers but also casual. This is my top 3 openbor games all of time
the creator is an expert and also very a nice guy, congrats for amazing demo, the community lucky to have you.
Thank you very much my friend :)
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