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What do you want in a Streets of Rage title? Tight game play? Stiff challenge? All the original playable characters? Streets of Rage 2X takes all of this and adds much more to build a game that's all its own, yet still has the familiar Streets of Rage feel.

Best be ready though, bring anything less than your A game and this offering will spit you out like Bongo's last meal.
  • Four player support.
  • Block, evade, juggle, and many other new techniques, all blended perfectly into the original move set.
  • Unleash the awesome Rage technique to flatten your enemies - but watch out, bosses have their own to use on you!
  • Speed running the old games? Improved AI is here to teach you a little humility.
  • Ready for an even tougher challenge? Unlock Rebellion Mode and try to fight your way through as any member of the Streets of Rage cast. Finish a game with Galsia to prove you're the true SOR master!
  • No one to play with? Grab an AI partner to keep you company.


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Unbalance of the AI of some bosses leads to annoying gameplay. Overall it's a good game.
Thanks for the feedback.
ya I definitely approve if this upgraded version. Anyone who loves SOR2 will instantly begin to see how much more this improves on the gameplay of the original without changing anything whatsoever. Its a perfect blend of little touches here and there and then with some big upgrades to the movement and difficulty and you got something more like SOR4 Mixed with SOR2. Check it out trust me you r gonna be booting this one up
Thanks friend! Yeah, SOR2 was my main inspiration to develop SOR2X.
Excellent work. I've cleared it several times. 👍
Thanks buddy :)
This game is AMAZING! It has everything you love about Streets of Rage 2 and improves upon it. Multiple characters AND multiple paths offer plenty of re-playability to try different characters without feeling monotonous.
But what I love the most: the combos. Man, that's the one thing I look in every Beat 'em up, and this game overly delivers. Can't wait for the next update!
Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked the game.
Kratus you definitely have my support this game is really fantastic build. Definitely can't wait for more creations from you pretty much everybody said what I was going to say about this game kudos. Anything you created I want
Thanks!! I'm happy that you liked the game.
I have some surprises for the next updates, stay tuned.
Best OpenBOR game and very probably the best beat 'em up I've ever played. There isn't a single aspect of the original tetralogy that isn't remixed and improved upon. I really can't praise the dev team enough for amazing job they did and I'm only on my 5th play through so I still have a ludicrous amount characters to experiment with and a near infinite amount of flashy combos to enjoy.
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the game.
love it
Thanks :)
Arguably one of the most polished games I’ve ever seen, period. Nearly every issue I could think of is a subjective disagreement. Objectively speaking, it’s all but flawless.

Graphics are probably the weakest point, and they’re still excellent. If you're spoiled by the high-res sprite work of Streets of Rage 4, then you might not be impressed with what you see here. On the other hand, if you enjoyed Streets of Rage 2’s look, you’ll be right at home. The creator leverages some of OpenBOR’s graphic suite to go beyond the capabilities of 4th gen hardware, yet not so much it strays from the original design aesthetic.

One of the standout features is a customization menu. Don’t like a particular game mechanic? Turn it off, problem solved. There are so many options it’s almost overwhelming. As the project lead for OpenBOR, I can tell you the engine’s main weakness is that all native menus are hard coded. If you want to add menu options, you must script an entire menu system yourself from the ground up. The creator took up this challenge, blew it clear out of the water, and in doing so mitigated almost any in game issue players might have.

Gameplay is sublime. By design it’s not the Streets of Rage you remember, but the same feel is there and it's just as refined, if not more so. The action is more frenetic, more difficult, and introduces a lot of new features to the Streets of Rage mix. Among the additions are widescreen ratio, four player co-op support, armor, juggling, air combos, and catch throws. No doubt some purists will scoff and move on. They’re missing out. Taken on its own merits this game stands up to (and smacks down) just about any beat em’ up ever made on any platform. It’s Streets of Rage as it would be had the franchise not withered for twenty years.

The only real problem I could find is the rage system. Most boss rage attacks execute far too fast for human reaction time and none of them have any telegraph or warning. The only viable counter strategy is to make sure you have enough spare health during the fight to withstand an inevitable rage hit. This is where the play your way menu shines again – just turn them off.

As If all that wasn’t enough, the game currently contains a full remake of Streets of Rage 1 or 2, with 3 currently in the works. Each iteration has its own selection menu and aesthetics, making them fully realized games rather than a path. Additionally, there are numerous in game branch points to mix and match routes or locate new secrets. No worries about accidentally taking a branch you didn’t mean to – you get a quick preview and an option to stay on course.

Want even more? Rebellion Mode opens the entire cast of enemies for you for play. Try out a cheap boss like Jet or challenge yourself to finish the game with a lowly grunt.

Finally, you can call computer-controlled partners to fight with you, and like everything else you can customize the AI to suit your needs. You can even issue real time commands like calling the partner back to you, adding yet another layer of strategy.

Nothing is perfect, but I’m not sure what else you could ask for in a Streets of Rage game. The truly amazing part is that good as it is now, this one is still slated for 2-3 more years of development. I can only imagine what that will bring. Hats off and thumbs up!
Wow, I'm honored to hear great feedback from a veteran like you. Thanks man!
I will be always very grateful for maintaining this fantastic engine working along all these years.

You're right about the rage skill, I'm thinking about adding a zoom and a quick "freeze" effect before the rage animation, like some fighting games.
Honestly the best beat' em up I've ever played.
This game would never go far without the community's help, and I will always be grateful for your support since the first versions. Thanks buddy!
A masterpiece.
The author, in addition to paying a great tribute to the original games, expanded not only them but the engine itself, taking OpenBOR to other levels.

"Extra Menu" was one of the most impressive things I've seen in the engine, which allows us to customize every detail with an impressive level of control, like combos, timer, effects, etc.

A love letter to the franchise!
It's always an honor to have your feedback. Thanks buddy!
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