Splatterhouse Deception of The Mask

Splatterhouse Deception of The Mask 1.0

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The mask attaches itself to Rick, fusing with his body and transforming him into a monster with superhuman strength. With the mask's encouragement, help Rick find Jennifer as he goes on a rampage through the dungeon and the mansion grounds.


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In the absence of a discussion section, I guess I'll have to do a little rewiev.

the game is very well done, the sprites of the characters and the enemies are well implemented, also the sounds, the music and the way in which it connects the different backgrounds of the original games for the stages seemed very well done to me. the game has a decent difficulty and i like how you managed to get rick's sprites from the first splatterhouse to have so many moves without it looking weird.

Now, I think the game has some flaws:
It can get a bit repetitive as there are no weapons you can pick up and, aside from the backgrounds and music, all of the stages feel pretty much the same except for a few traps on the ground here and there.
the behavior of most of the enemies are all very similar, which can sometimes make you feel like you are fighting the same enemy but with a different sprite.
the bosses are pretty easy since you just have to abuse "forward, down, up, S", I think it would be better if that attack consumed health.

Lastly (and I don't know if it only happened to me) but I think I found a bug, after my first test game, when I tried to play with the Rick from the first splatterhouse, the combos "forward, down, forward, A" and "forward, down, up, S" no longer worked, to fix it I selected another character and let myself be killed until I ran out of lives, when I reappeared I chose Rick again and only then did the combos work again. but Mutant Rick's "forward, back, forward, A" combo never worked for me and still doesn't.

In short, it's a fun game and well done, but maybe too simple and with some problems.
as a fan of this game, i can tell is an amazing job, hard as hell....i love it.. thanx guys..
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