Rushing Beat

Rushing Beat 1.0

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This is a huge improvement to the original game with more moves, slams, and a much faster gameplay style.
In 3 words: I LOVE IT!

Remaining faithful to its source material, this game feels like an Enhanced version of the original. Tight and responsive controls, are making this feel like an official release from the 90s. It's biggest achievement is that it managed to make it fun through it's simplicity and pick and play core gameplay mechanic. Amazing game. After this release, I don't see any reason to go back to the original. PLAY IT!
Rushing Beat (Rival Turf in the USA) was always an odd game. It had some novelties here and there but was otherwise a boring low rent Final Fight wannabee. Yet it still had an odd charm and could be addicting at times.

Thankfully this fan remake takes those addicting qualities and adds a few touches to offset the bad. The best part is your move sets got a little boost. The mostly luck-based grab from behind moves are now available from a front grab, adding some variety and strategy. There are still alternate throws if you manage to get behind an opponent, and these are now extra painful. There are even some hidden extras, like Rick pinning his enemy and delivering a multi-part beatdown. Angry mode made the transition and used right it can turn the tables in a fight quickly. The absurd enemy HP pools are toned down a bit as well.

That said, the balance is still tipped heavily in their favor. Enemies always have priority over your moves, and in later stages they’ll KO you with a couple of hits. Unlike the original, you are NOT invincible when angry. You won’t flinch from hits, but damage still accrues. Weapons are useless. You wield them with all the urgency of a pot head playing disk golf and they have even less priority than your bare hands. When you do connect, the damage is comparable to a wet sock. Guns are powerful if you can get some space, but ammunition is severely limited. One last thing – at least half the cast have something against your family jewels!

Somehow though, it still feels fair. Everything is against you, but thanks to solid fundamentals it’s against you in a consistent kind of way. So, if you like a stiff challenge, this might be just what you’re looking for.

I usually prefer more advanced move sets, but there’s some hidden depth here and it’s a lot of fun. It’s a pickup and play kind of game that gets all the basics right. I’d like to see a similar take on later entries in the series.
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