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Real Bout Pro Wrestling

Demo Real Bout Pro Wrestling 5.24.23

No permission to download
The item is a beta or preview.
The usable rosters and gameplay is same as Fighter's History Revenge, hoping the other characters can be unlocked

The steel cage and street wrestling are only changing image backgrounds, I'm expecting extra damage effect in steel cage and destructible objects or items added in street wrestling

Awaiting the game fully released, keep it up 
Jeremeister Jambatron
Jeremeister Jambatron
While i appreciate the feedback you gave my game, I have to let you know that coding wrestling mechanics to my project will be really difficult to implement, because it will take longer time to figure out the turn buckle interaction, Irish whipping the opponent, slamming the opponent into the cage, and pin falling the downed opponent. So don't expect too much out this project. Nedflanderuse tried to do the exact same mechanics when he tried to make his own wrestling game World Arena twelve years ago and it was causing him massive problems, along with going back and forth on the forum to figure out the coding. Sure the gameplay for my wrestling project is the same as Fighters History Revenge, but I'm trying to diversify the characters and their movesets from the latter while bringing along additional fighters to the game in order to give players a good experience. But I digress about the whole explanation and I am grateful for you giving my project a decent rating.
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