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Power Rangers: Beats of Power

Power Rangers: Beats of Power 2.0.1

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Lord Zedd is making his greatest play for Earth. He's pushed Rita aside, then gathered an army of puttys and the worst collection of monsters ever. We need teenagers with attitudes now!

Fight as a human relying on your expert martial art skills. When the going gets tough, it's morphin' time! In ranger form, you're stronger, faster, and armed with a new array of techniques to handle the invaders. Zedd will try growing his henchmonsters to Godzilla size, but you have a selection of powerful Zords to meet them head on!

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Greatest Power Rangers game ever made
Rangers go!

The game's roster of Rangers is what you'd expect, but they sadly tie into one of the game's biggest shortcomings; the limited movesets they have. Rangers reset as civilians upon death, and transformation only happens once every level due to a morpher tossed by Alpha 5. Do the math. Characters have limited defensive and mobility options at their disposal, making it a struggle to fell bosses when you're not a ranger, and still harsh when you are. To be fair, when you are playing as a ranger, it's a blast, but once you die, you might as well have one life. I feel like the morpher mechanic should be thrown to you when you're facing a boss every few seconds when unmorphed. The Megazord sections are also fun, with players able to swerve around and strike down the enemy with powerful sword strikes and blasts. However, I feel like having the Ninja and Shogun Megazords as hidden options would have been cool. It also sounds just like the show, with tons of authentic voice clips! The graphics are also nice, largely from the SNES movie game with a few other games added.
Go Go Power Rangers!
A very interesting project, which brings everything that was in the SNES and Genesis games and gives it a new look. The only problem is that it brings some things from the original games that it shouldn't, like a repetitive gameplay, since the characters have several movements that are identical to each other.

But it's a good game to play in co-op mode.
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