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Neon Lightning Force

Demo Neon Lightning Force v 1.5 demo

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An alternate take on the Banpresto Denjin Makai series. Guide your favorite hero through a series of stages facing down tons of freaky adversaries. Pick up a weapon or two to even the odds!

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  1. Demo 1.5 Version

    This is a small peek of all the changes that are comming :D .

Latest reviews

The game plays great. I think the AI could be a little more aggressive and some of the weapons could have a small range or break after a while. As is, it gets pretty easy to plow through your enemies with a simple pipe.
Some of the bosses could also use a tweak or two.

I will make a video about it explaining my points in-depth, but overall, this is one great game!!

Do you have Twitter or something like that? I would like to ask you a couple of assets for my review. (feel free to DM here.)
Plays like the source material but is its own thing as stated!
A alternative take on DM, I can appreciate that.
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