KunioLA V1.52

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Kunio and the gang head out for some random fisticuffs.

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Latest updates

  1. KunioLA_Remaster-V1.52

    *Cancel the LV limit of charging attack, now the charging time is 2 seconds to release, "Trinty"...
  2. KunioLA_Remaster-V1.51

    -Fixed when the secret player (BOSS) is activated, the secret player (BOSS) can be randomized
  3. KunioLA_Remaster-V1.5

    This is a small stable update -Fix all enemy knocked down attack frames - Adjust zoom effect -...

Latest reviews

Thank you very much to the original author kt住江, and pudu for the optimization, the game you shared is very good.
I'm very weak at playing games, this game is a bit difficult for me. When I used kunio or Misuzu, I fell at the boss at the end of the fourth level, even though I was careful to carry 5 lives.
Then, I used Riki, and everything was different - Riki's normal jump attack coped with almost all enemy attacks. I just relied on kicking and playfully, slowly, and harmlessly kicked the fourth level boss to death. This good leg is a piece of mercy from the designers to rookie players.
The game is fun, and I think if improved something, it would be more fun:
1.The value of the charge attack, now too low, although the move is faster, but the distance is equivalent to ordinary attacks, the damage is not as good as a complete set of attacks, and the preparation time of 3 seconds ~ 2 seconds is also longer;
2. After picking up the boss item, the idea of summoning the boss to assist the attack is cool, and if the player can also respond when he is attacked, then the practicality of this move can be revealed (maybe, when the SP is enough, pressing the insurance is not a blood-consuming attack, but summoning the boss to solve the siege);
3. I really want to play combos more freely... When hitting enemies in the air with normal attacks and running attacks, special attacks cannot be connected - Argh! It's a torturous feeling.
Hello, thank you for your suggestion, I will strengthen the charging attack in the next small update, cancel the LV limit and now the charging time is 2 seconds.
In addition, you can use the screenshot (Add Credits) button to add points similar to the coin function of arcade games.
It's a great game.
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