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He-Man 2019

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Remember the glorious 80's when 30 minute toy commercials ruled the animation world? Filmation's masterpiece of swords, sorcery, and hokey moral lessons is back in high definition glory, and this time you're in control!

Play as He-Man, She-Ra, Man-At-Arms, Teela, The Sorceress, and many more as you explore an open world filled with adventure. Rooting for the villains? No problem! Take Skeletor or one of his minions out for a spin instead! Look around enough and you might find other famous franchise anchors to take up arms with.

Brawl your way through hordes of enemy soldiers and creatures. Hop on a Skysled for some shoot em' up madness. Ride Battlecat, Swift-Wind, or Panthor to victory. Summon allies to aid you, dish out amazing combos, and defeat titanic bosses. All presented with glorious high definition artwork and set to the orginal soundtrack I bet you're humming already. There's only one question. Can you handle this much awesome in a single dose?

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Latest reviews

If this was a Arcade Game at Showbiz in the 1980s it would have BLEW MY MIND
I only give it four stars, because at times average gamers that i played with could not figure out what to do on some levels.
And the difficulty that was mapping controllers correctly (some wanted their mapping to be different, but it messes up another player's control)
took a good chunk of time.

On the animations issue, i think the animation style perfectly matches the 80´s cartoon, if the animations where Rotoscope fluid, it would not be the same, the cartoon had this sort of marionette-ish tricks at times or was very stiff at times and had stock & re-used rotoscope ultra smooth animation at times, so even tho the Artist that made this game may have intended more, i believe this was a happy accident, a lot of people i have shown this to, agree that it feels like you are controlling the actual cartoon

OK, had to get that out of my system. If you're familiar with this community at all, you know seeing bwwd on the box means quality. He-Man is no exception. This game is just about as perfect as you can get, except for a couple of minor issues (that bwwd himself points out).

If you were a fan of Masters of The Universe or Filmation cartoons, you’re going to be in bliss from the get-go. The game loads up with a pixel perfect playback of the classic He-Man & MOTU opening, and it only gets better from there. Music, sound effects, colors, settings, and characters, all of it will make you feel like you’re in an episode. Eternia is presented as a vast open world map, letting you choose which stages to play as you try and repel an invasion by Hordak. It’s all done with high-definition original art that will make you believe Filmation itself is back in business. Seriously, the presentation defies description until you experience it for yourself.

Bwwd didn’t forget the gameplay either. It’s a fast-paced combo-oriented system with tons of aerial strings and juggles. There’s plenty of stage interactivity too, with lots of traps, varied terrain, and set pieces. On occasion you’ll even get to participate in one of He-Man or She-Ra’s cartoonish feats of strength. If that’s not enough, some stages are SHUMP and collection style affairs where you ride iconic mounts like Battlecat and Skysleds.

So why “only” a four star? There are a couple of chinks in this Power Sword, which as mentioned earlier bwwd himself is quick to point out. This was one of his earlier forays into original art, and it shows a bit. While most animations are smooth, character movements are very unnatural. It’s especially noticeable in transition from one pose to another. They also almost never deviate from the same viewing angle and it often feels like you’re playing with marionette puppets. Related to this, almost everyone in the roster plays the same. There are some unique traits scattered here and there, but for the most part you’d be hard pressed to tell any mechanical difference between He-Man, Skeletor, Man-At-Arms, Teela, or anyone else. I’d expect parity for game balance, but not identical play styles.

I seriously doubt most players will mind too much though. The overall experience is still amazing. This is how you do fanwork – creativity, effort, and affection for the source material. Download now and thank me later!
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