Golden Axe Returns

Golden Axe Returns 1.1

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OpenBor has some of the best Golden Axe games ever created:

Golden Axe Warriors: great.
Golden Axe Myth: phenomenal.

And now we have this diamond gem added to the list.

Golden Axe Returns is by far the best Golden Axe game ever released either official or fan made. Hands down, that is a fact. The creator Zvitor has surpassed himself with this one. Each character is truly unique, by using their weapons or even fists and kicks (!!) and each character is using the weapons differently. Adding to that different magics, and paths and you have so much reliability that Golden Axe games was never known for.

One of Zvitors' past game issues is enemies placement, which has been so well addressed on this one. They are never overwhelming on the screen, and just enough and varied to keep the game going. Stages are a mix up of the originals with custom made touches, and they are so detailed and "live" in the 90s unique way. Truly impressed by that. Also, there is story in the game! A very basic one, but hey it there. Can you imagine?

Now, I won't lie, I personally edited the players to be faster, enemies slower, less energy (to die faster) and narrowed down their difficulty. This resulted to me enjoying the game to its fullest potential. But this is just me. The game is truly amazing as it already is. And that's why I love OpenBor engine so much. Each one of us can adjust the games enough to their personal preferences.

So there you have it. One of the best OpenBor games ever made, and the best Golden Axe game ever released. What are you waiting for 90s slash'em up gamers? Go and have some fun!!

6 stars out of 5, the game is that good.
Zvitor: THANK YOU!!
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