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Final Fight Apocalypse - 2nd Edition

Final Fight Apocalypse - 2nd Edition 2021-09-17

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Final Fight vs. nuclear war? Why not?! The classic trio team up with wrestler Scorpion of Slam Masters fame to avert a world ending catastrophe. This early OpenBOR module is one of, if not the first to feature four player action.

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Why just average?! This is a @Mr.Q! game, and that always means gold, right? Yes and no. This game does indeed have all the production values you'd expect from @Mr.Q!, who even back then was a long standing and respected veteran of the community.

The only problem is FFA2E might have been too ambitious for its own good. OpenBOR was still a simplistic text based engine at the time. Script support was a couple of months away and most properties were still black boxed. As a result, many of the features shown off here (such as the piledriver slams) rely on some creative but ultimately unstable hacks, and it shows. Try as they might, the mechanics just can't approach the arcade or console ports, and quite often you'll find yourself in the midst of broken animations and awkward glitches.

There are also some odd design choices. Four players sounds cool, until you notice friendly fire from throwing enemies, making it tedious chaos. The new special moves are totally useless - in fact they're a detriment. Do one by accident and you'll get nailed every time. Also, why replace a Final Fight staples like Maki and Carlos with a Slam Masters villain? He fits well enough and looks cool, but it's still an odd choice.

Still, for all these nitpicks, this is a fun, action packed romp that's great when you have 30 minutes or so and an itchy button finger. I think Mr.Q has done better work elsewhere, but even his lesser work is greater than most!
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