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Fighting Street

Fighting Street 1.0

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Released in 2013 by SEEP Team, Fighting Street takes a story driven approach to the original Street Fighter (known as Fighting Street on the TG-16 port). Guide Ryu and Ken through their own adventures, meeting new rivals and gaining strength along the way.

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Amazing game. Anyone who thinks this has bad controls...go back and actually play the ORIGINAL Street Fighter 1 games! lol. it was painfully worse than this. This game faithfully tries to recreate the original while bringing it forward with new features but not so much so that it strays from the original too much. A fan-remake that sticks to the original feel as much as possible!

Superior to the OG Street Fighter in virtually every way, an excellent story mode, different modes of play, platforming sections to break up the stages, original sprites, in certain spots you can explore and talk to people...just amazing and even unlockable characters! OG Streetfighter literally only had Ryu and Ken (1P and 2P). Again, I cant stress enough...play SF1 and you'll see just how much better this is compared to that.

Its not for everybody, but for hardcore arcade fans, there is alot to love here. highly recommended if thats you.
The game starts with an interesting idea, with a HUD that gives you the impression of being an official game, it creates great expectations in the player.

Unfortunately, as soon as you start playing, that expectation is frustrated, due to various problems in the game, such as bad moves, weird mechanics and not very good level design choices. Platform scenarios are a very bad experience, it totally spoils the overall experience of the game.

unfortunately, an idea that starts well but, due to a bad execution, it ends very bad.
Outside of the bad translation I found the story sections interesting and the RPG style quest is a great idea. There's also some creative level design.

Unfortunately it falls apart when you start playing. The fighting system is uninspired, cheap, and worst of all boring. Splitting the already thin move set of SF1 between Ryu and Ken was an especially poor decision.

The 2D platforming sections are even worse. The layout of enemies and obstacles cause effectively unavoidable damage, which the game apparently compensates for by giving players an abundance of health and extra lives. There's no skill or strategy other than bum rush and take the hits.

Really nice concept overall that I always wanted to see or even try myself, it just lacks execution.
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