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Dungeons and Dragons - Animated

Dungeons and Dragons - Animated 2.0

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Looks like you got on the wrong roller coaster! Stuck in a magical world overwhelmed with evil, you're beset by the tyrant Venger, with only the capricious Dungeon Master to guide you. If you want to survive, you'll have to rely on each other.

Make the most of 80's style teamwork with the ability to switch partners on the fly and four player co-op. Utilize each member's unique skills and equipment to overcome any obstacle. Comb the countryside righting wrongs, discovering secrets, and maybe, just maybe you can find your way back home...

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  1. Dungeons and Dragons - Animated

    This update adds more characters to explore the realms. Try out the all new villains campaign...

Latest reviews

Module cheating / cheats should be left to the player. The AI is excessively aggressive, and the controls are not responsive enough, nor intuitive enough to counter the opposition. You'll likely never finish it if you're old enough to remember the animated show.
i love this cartoon, perfection ideais.
If you grew up in the 80s and watched this cartoon on television, you will take a trip back in time by playing this game, which is full of references.
The mechanics of switching characters are fantastic and very creative.
The only downside of the game is the excessive difficulty - as much as it's ideal to make players find the best tool for the best use, in some cases it becomes really very difficult.
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