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Double Dragon Reloaded Alternate

Double Dragon Reloaded Alternate 5.1.1

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The Shadow Warriors have constructed their largest base of operations ever, and whisked Marion away. You know what do to! As Billy or Jimmy Lee, you'll stalk your way through city streets, forests, and forlorn temples. Nothing and no one can stop you.

Feel like the Shadow Warriors need a different kind of lesson? Take Hulk Hogan and his rockin' wrestling buddies for a stroll instead. Hey Abobo, whatcha' gonna do when Hulkamaina and the pythons run wild all over you?!

Want a break from the all the street fights? Take a journey to snatch the title from Andre' or climb into the ring for a Royal Rumble.

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First release
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4.95 star(s) 20 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Minor fix update 5.1.1

    Fixed some random layer issues on select screen that may sometimes happen
  2. Marian 5.1.0 Update release

    1. Added Marian as a playable cachacter 2. Added a proper grid style select screen 3. Fixed...
  3. New build 5.0.0 with 4 more playable characters and some extra stuff

    1. Added 4 more playable cachacters: Kunio Kun, Honky Tonk Man, Ted Dibiase and Hacksaw Jim...

Latest reviews

Awesome game!!!
Pls add additional button in options for Kick+Punch atack
Best Double Dragon OpenBOR port. I hope someday all the extras from the old crazy version will be added again.
I had so much fun playing this version, I hope The Road Warriors and Demolition are added sometime in the future, fantastic!
this game gets better and better
Been playing it nonstop since it dropped! Didn't pay much attention to Kunio’s combo because I thought I was only going to use the new wrestlers. But I had to try Kunio and I had to figure out how to do the combo so here I am in the forum. Great job Magggas!
One of the better double dragon mods out there along with MrQs incredible Super Double Dragon mod.
I love playing this game!!! Combining Double Dragon with WWF Superstars was the best decision ever. Slamming, pile driving, stomping, & elbowing enemies is just awesome. I wish you could also play as Jim Duggan, Ted DiBiase, & Honkytonk Man.
best double dragon game period!
Simply amazing !! Great job & thnx for bringin this master piece to us
Great game, glad it's been brought back!
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