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Chronocrash Modders Tools

Chronocrash Modders Tools 0.6.23

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This experimental editor is still in beta stage but extremely powerful. Seamlessly switch between text and visual editing with an intuitive page based layout. Quickly add collisions, offsets, and ranges by drawing boxes with your mouse.

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Latest updates

  1. Changelog 0.6.23

    - Fixed dependency bug for "E" key in animation editor - Added first version of undo/redo...
  2. Changelog 0.6.22

    Animation editor : - When Ctrl key is pressed, drawing a rectangle with mouse will directly...
  3. Changelog 0.6.21

    Changed internal bbox z ignored/"null" value to "-100000", which will prevent a bug where new...

Latest reviews

Hey Piccolo, thank you for keeping updating CMT. This is by far the best editor for me!
It is the best tool to work with OpenBOR. At first, it was a little unstable, but the developer improved the tool over time and is super helpful with questions, repairs and even suggestions.

For those who are used to OpenBORstats, the beginning can be a little difficult as the tool works differently and the learning curve may not be very smooth. But once you get used to it, it becomes your main tool.

It has very useful tools, and I highlight some:
- Excellent tool that checks all paths of all files present in the game
- Ease of viewing all of a game's scripts, without having to navigate through different folders on your computer
- Tool to resize offsets and collision and attack boxes
- Basemap support (ramps)
- Support new method of making collision and attack boxes
- Ease of designing platforms, walls and holes, with drag support
- drag and drop support for files in animations (without copying files to new folders)
- Displays fglayers/bglayers/layers in Z positions correctly
- It is possible to navigate the preview of a level, moving the camera with the arrow keys, which allows you to see precisely the position of the spawns on the screen
- Onionskin for animations
- Export animations to GIF

And much more.

Give the tool a chance. And, if possible, help the author with donations - they are more than deserved! Just access the HELP > DONATE menu
Practical, convenient, and intuitive, the current version of the interface is better than before.
This app is hands down the best of its kind for OpenBOR and belongs in the top shelf of every creator's toolbox. Occasional instability and awkward controls are the only thing keeping it from 5 solid stars, and even those will likely disappear over time as the developer is always making subtle improvements based on feedback.
I was looking for something like this just last month, what a bless.
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