Castlevania LCD Chronicles Deluxe Edition

Castlevania LCD Chronicles Deluxe Edition 1.0

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I like the idea of playing in extension with the LCD characters and their environments, but I prefer the others modes. It's good that you tried this concept and it was fun to end up with the sensations of the TIGER years.
Forget the handheld LCD stages, that's not where the fun is. I can't imagine why anyone would want to replicate a Tiger LCD anyway, but it is a novel idea. Just not very playable.

The good stuff is in the alternate quests. They are full games unto themselves and far more fun than the eponymous LCD modes. I fired this up meaning to play for a few minutes to get a review impression and wound up going non-stop to the end. Only a couple of ugly flaws keep this from 5-star material.

- The platforming is not coded quite right. Platforms meant to allow jumping up through but not falling through are a strange sort of semi solid that impede your jump without stopping it. Unfortunately, this effect reaches out beyond the visual platform and will cause a lot of unnecessary falls.

- Regular enemies have way too much health. In some cases, they take longer to kill than a boss. You'll spend a lot of time stuck in an area just hacking and hacking at something before you can move on, only to run right into the same enemy again.

Although these are normally game-breakers, everything else is made well enough it's a really nice experience overall.
The idea of simulating the LCD was very creative! It may not be appealing to all users, but it sure was out of the box.
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