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BattleToads 1.0

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The BattleToads are back, and they brought some friends along for the ride. Choose from a variety of missions, each one filled to the brim with all the humor and difficulty you'd expect from a BattleToads offering. When you're finished with that, try a dose of Comix Zone too!

This is a very early OpenBOR game, and proof positive that even with the then simple engine, a little creativity goes a long way. If you're up for some rat bashin' action, you've come to the right place!

First release
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3.60 star(s) 5 ratings

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Latest reviews

The idea of mixing Battletoads and Comix Zone was very cool.

It's a nice game overall.
This would be way higher except for some big issues. First, in the transporter level, I couldn't move, which made it really hard to beat, and not in a fun way.
Second, I later got stuck on the jungle hand level which is borderline impossible.
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