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Battletoads Double Dragon: The Revenge (v.9) - Anniversary Edition

Battletoads Double Dragon: The Revenge (v.9) - Anniversary Edition 0.9

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'Battletoads Double Dragon: The Revenge' is the fan sequel to the original game from 1993.
It is my personal take on how I envisioned a sequel. This version (v.9) is the latest version of the game.




  • Choose from 5 playable characters: Rash - Zitz - Pimple - Billy - Jimmy
  • Play solo and save Marian alone or play simultaneously for classic 2 player co-op action
  • Follow the story as you go through 8 missions
  • 3 vehicle stages to crank up the action
  • 4 extra bonus modes selectable from the start
  • Detailed old-school cutscenes between missions
  • Lots of different moves to crush your enemies with
  • Familiar enemies and bosses from both the Battletoads and Double Dragon series
  • Soundtrack consisting of songs from various Battletoads and Double Dragon games

v.9 Updates​

  • The Double Dragon sprites now match better with the Battletoads sprites thanks to nsw25 & O Ilusionista
  • Choose your path! Do a vehicle stage? Or don't? You get to decide when being given the choice during certain moments in the Story Mode
  • Big Blag now has a second phase during his boss fight
  • The four extra bonus modes are now selectable from the start
  • Most of the bosses now have an intro animation when they come to fight you
  • Tweaked the 'Water Ride' stage (Removed the rockets because they didn't function properly and added two new enemies)
  • Edited some cutscenes
  • Pretty much all of the cutscenes can now be skipped (including the intro, mission bumpers, ending, cast of characters and credits)

This edition of the game includes the following content:
  • The game itself
  • A 'ReadMe' text file
  • An image of the 'Anniversary Edition' of the game
  • The soundtrack of the game in MP3 format

  • Special thanks to everyone who helped and supported me throughout the 10 years of development
  • Special thanks to SongeLeReveur and Xris Smiles (YouTube members) for allowing me to use their remixed songs
Their remixed songs are heard during Mission 2-1 (Xris Smiles), Mission 4-2 (SongeLeReveur) and Mission 5-2 (SongeLeReveur)
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Latest reviews

got some bug...but still funny
Could you please explain what or where the bug was? Perhaps I can fix it when I'm going to upload a new version of the game sometime in the future.
Always loved this game
Thank you! That means a lot to me.
the game has a very badly calibrated level of difficulty. certain points are impossible to finish without losing at least 1 life. There are no energy recovery items. Not to mention that the two characters of double dragon are practically useless.
Hi. First of all: Thanks for having tried the game.
Second: Maybe I can help with these certain points that you're talking about. Which certain points are you referring to? If you are talking about the vehicle stages: They can have some cheap deaths because you don't know what's coming. It was like this in the original Battletoads game as well. I just tried to replicate that style of difficulty. But, unlike that game, I offer the player the ability to practice the vehicle stages in the 'Bonus Mode' section of the game. And, if all else fails, the player also has the choice to skip the vehicle stages during 'Story Mode'.

The reason there are no recovery items is because I wanted this game to have more of a Double Dragon style. The original BDD game was more a Battletoads game than a Double Dragon game. So, with this one, I tried to do the opposite. Pretty much all official Double Dragon games have no recovery items.

The Double Dragon characters being useless is subjective. They just have a different playstyle compared to the 'Toads. Some people prefer the playstyle of the Dragons while others prefer the playstyle of the 'Toads. Pick whatever playstyle suits you most.
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