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Art of Fighting - Trouble In Southtown

Art of Fighting - Trouble In Southtown 3.0.4

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3.33 star(s) 9 ratings

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Latest reviews

I was really excited to check this game out after watching a few YouTube videos talking about how interesting the openworld and story elements were. RPG like and stuff. It really got me interested.
Oh boy, what a letdown!
First of all, the worst thing in all this mess is something not many people care for in games like I do. The dialogue, or what passes for it. It is the most juveline stuff I ever saw in a game. The writing is atrocious, and the characters spend a great proportion of the dialogues boxes performing a poor imitation of Beavis and Butt-Head laughs. Like the whole box filled with "Hehehehehe HEHEHEHE hehehe". Obnoxius much?
This fact alone would make me hard to play this game even if the gameplay was the best in the world. Sadly, it is not. The combat just doesnt feel right, nor intuitive. I had to resort to button mashin different combinations and hope it sticks. There are times that something really cool happens, but I had no idea how.
The motorcycle gimmick is something that sounds interesting the moment you realize what is happenning, but then you play it and you just want it to end. And it never does, it just goes to a worse iteration of it before coming back. And the winning strategy sems to just smash your bike into the cars. I tried to attack with the chains and lost a lot of lives to the boss, then began to smash my bike in frustation on it and won, thanks invincible frames!
Then you hop over the truck and I cant seem to find out how I am suppose to dodhe those road signs. I just had to tank every single hit from them. And there are invisible walls on the truck that appear and disappear at will and you never know when it is safe to move on the edge. Lots a lot of lives falling down in stupid ways because there was a wall there moments ago that I was relying on.
I played this once and I can say with certain that it will be the last. I haven't felt frustration with a game like this in a looooong time. It is just not fun to try to figure out the mechanics when they are so dull and illogical and the dialogue seems like it was written by a 10 year old child with broken English.
I play this mod a while back and there is a ton of work that is put in but honestly it bloated to high heavens with one in too many gimmicks, some enemies are damage sponges including bosses, and its too long in the tooth for its own good.
Phenomenal game and one of the best from the OpenBor engine. There are way too many things happening all the time and the game never gets boring. Every stage is "alive", events constantly keep happening, it's not just a background gif of nothingness. Enemies spawn with the most creative ways, they don't just appear from left or right of the screen.

* I had to massively reduce health from many enemies. Especially the bosses never die and drag for too long.
* Enable skip on many of the cut scenes. After seeing them for once, they again drag for too long, especially when replaying the game.

* Vibrant, alive, over the top stages.
* Plenty of enemies.
* Many fun aspects thrown here and there.
* Plethora of different characters to choose from and enjoy, with plenty of move sets each.
* There is a story! Very basic, but there is one.
* Music, man I love the music!
* User friendly to start and play. Nothing to "master" or "study". Easy moves to pull off, making it a joy to play from the get-go .

Many thanks to all the mods that contributed to this amazing game!!
This game is very good, with perfect impact and sound effects. It's just that the vehicle checkpoint is a little long and there is no electric shock freezing effect. But it does not affect the quality of the game!🙂
Although this game is a bloated mess weghing, on the other hand, it can also be said to be rich in content. In view of his high degree of completion and being the best work in the KOF style so far, I give it 4 stars. If the impact effect and feedback could be improved, I would give it 5 stars.
I hate to say this, as I never tend to post bad reviews on things I don't like, and it's not because they used my AOF mod for making this one, but I will , for this time only. in short, for me, this is THE perfect example of overdoing things / less is better, period.
Let's begin with just two elements.

The first is its opening cinematic: Ryo running through the Antarctic, pursued by a polar bear with Robert and Yuri following in Robert's Ferrari. Think on a few of those things, starting with the bear... I'll wait.

Then there's Yuri, who's upward kick (Chargeattack or grab + up) causes her breasts to jiggle for two full seconds. Don't worry, that's just one example, and of course they did the same thing to her backside too. Then there's the cinimatics. Most are Photoshoped to make Yuri's head the smallest round object on her body.

That in a nutshell is Trouble In Southtown, a bloated mess weighing in at nearly one gigabyte that throws everything it can at you and hopes something will stick.

I'm giving two stars for effort alone. It is clear the creators put in a lot of work, and obviously care about what they were doing. According to the various write ups and readmes they certainly THINK it's something special.
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