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Art of Fighting - Beats of Rage Remix III

Art of Fighting - Beats of Rage Remix III 1.0

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@Mr.Q! presents Art of Fighting like you've never seen it before. Yuri Sakazaki has been taken! Relive the journey of big brother Ryo and boyfriend wannabe Robert Garcia as they tear through Southtown to get her back. Stalk through seedy bars, rival dojos, military bases and more as you interrogate the most dangerous fighters alive on their own turf. Discover hidden techniques and unleash the full fury of Kyokugenryu on anyone foolish enough to stand in your path! Rip up the highways with your trusty bike or sleek Ferrari and defeat all manor of men and machines sent to stop you.

The way is long and hard, but armed with the teachings of Master Takuma nothing is too much for you! Free the beautiful Yuri, unite the Sakazaki family and uncover more exciting secrets as you master The Art of Fighting!

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Awesome game. Very hard but very fun! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrb1DavMR-0
great game
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