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Armored Stronghold (Game Boy Color Edition)

Armored Stronghold (Game Boy Color Edition) 2.0

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Armored stronghold is a hack'n slash/Arena like game with Medieval Fantasy theme created by me in the openbor engine. It has been created in order to be a simple imitation of a game with 8 bit graphics and sounds like a Game Boy Color game. The plot? It's simple. The gates of hell have begun to open above the mid-age lands, ordes of Orcs, Demons and other types of Monsters have begun to attack and take over the lands of all living beings.

A King of a remote kingdom decides to send a message of S.O.S to the other kingdoms around in order to create a temporary Guild of the most veteran warriors of the entire continent, the mission: Fight this new evil and end the war against the forces of the underworld. Heroes from different lands have gathered to conform a squad led by Luna, a young Paladin Heroine of war. All of them must join forces to solve this situation and destroy the Dark Magician called himself The 7 Sins.

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