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Grab your 3D glasses!

This demo module shows how to create an anaglyph effect (stereoscopic 3D) using sub-screens. Note this effect is very basic by design. It applies dual channel filtering and an offset overlaid to the main display.

Fully effective anaglyphs require a bit perspective distortion and capturing on screen objects separately. Yes, the engine DOES support those. I just wanted to get something done quickly and provide a basic template.


Aside from the anaglyph script, the module is a 1:1 copy of the original Beats of Rage. Press Attack 2 to toggle the anaglyph. I don't have 3D glasses, and am blind in one eye anyway, so I had to guess at the adjustments. If you want to tweak it a bit, open the scripts/dc_anaglyph folder and look for dc_anaglyph_draw(). I did my best to document the code and help you along.
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    Removed music and other unneeded cruft for demo. Reduces download size from ~60MB to ~2MB.
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