Street Fighter VS The King of Fighters

Complete Street Fighter VS The King of Fighters v1.3

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I don't recall seeing this before. Not a bad first effort. Only issue I really see is the use of SF3III assets. They just clash too much. I'd stick with only CVS and Alpha for the Capcom crew. It would still clash with KOF since Capcom has a different (and better IMO) shading style, but at least the proportions are similar.

Just my worthless opinion, it's your baby. :)

No problem, I totally agree with you. The sprites clash too much 😆 it was a bad thing mixing SFIII+KoF+SF Alpha.
If I'm not wrong, I mixed these sprites due to Goro Daimon and Orochi, once they did not have a Capcom version.

@Kratus do you mind if I use some of these backgrounds for my Street Fighter project?
No problem buddy, you can use it.

@Kratus: I find this too, the different sprite style clash too much. Maybye you can use only Marvel and Street fighter characters or only Snk characters like this King of Rage projet :
This game is very good, I saw some videos before. Yes, the sprites clash too much in my game, if one day I restart this project I will change many things.

For a long time I dreamed of a beat'em game using Capcom or SNK characters, my first try was adding SF chars in SOR2 hacks.
Believe or not, I played SF Alpha and KoF series more than SOR, it was due to some small competitions I participated in my city a long time ago.

Maybe after finishing SORX, I will restart SF vs KOF.


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Honestly just replace the Street Fighter sprites with their SVC Chaos counterparts (may have to dig around the Mugen community for an SNK styled Sakura), and it'll be fine.

And thank you, @Kratus!


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After the last video, some people showed interest in the game and then I decided to make a little revision to launch version 1.3. The latest version was the 1.2, launched in 2016.

There's no big changes, but I added some new features in the fighting mechanic like "screen-edge" lock, better juggle system, changed all the commands to perform special moves (now it's more intuitive) and an overall rebalance was made. This is my first OpenBOR game, so maybe you will find some problems, like the sprite style clash.

About the game's new commands, now you can perform all "special" moves by pressing:
- down, front, attack (hadouken)
- front, down, front, attack (shoryuken)
- down, up, attack

The same goes for "supers", but replacing the "attack" button by the "launcher" button.

The resource file was updated with the latest version 1.3.

I really enjoyed revisiting this old game and if the community shows interest, I can start a totally new beat'em up project focused on Capcom or SNK content after SORX is finished, something based on the SVC Chaos maybe (thanks @NickyP for the suggestion).



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Wow - great, the game is great. Supreme Kratus.
The new updates make the game much easier and the gameplay is very good.

The old version had very difficult mechanics and could not be mastered.
It would be good to have and the standard grip between the characters too.

For a new beat'em up project.

In my opinion, more wrestling, with more and different grips it would look great.
Like the wrestlers from Double Dragon Reloaded Alternate or Haggar and Zangiev and M.Power from World Heroes Supreme Justice Extra
I think this detail is missing from OpenBoR games.


Here's my playthrough with Sagat bro:

I noticed sometimes Sagat is having a hard time hitting people that are right close next to him, like his attacks completely miss the enemy!! Also I noticed the enemies start to really attack you in level 2 and onward like they can juggle you and there is nothing that you could do if you don't have any meter!!

Also if you press the buttons to quickly you'll end up skipping part of the story lol!! That happened to me at the end but I managed to catch myself, so that's probably on me ROFL!!

Other than that amazing update bro, hopefully you'll come back to this game whenever you the get the time!!

Thanks again, for all your hard work man!!


The game is awesome but usually with the same problems than other Openbor mods, most enemies possesses so many HP, taking a long battle with the generic enemies, and well, playable characters are certainly slow walking speed (yes, you can run) but... Is just a simple detail.
The aggression of enemies are insane too, they can juggling your char practically forever, specially bosses and his hechmens.


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Thank you all for the feedback. I'm aware and agree with most of the related problems.

The intent of this latest update is to see the interest of the community on this kind of game, and then everything would be remade from scratch using SORX structure.

However, there's some things I need to clarify. The original concept is a beat 'em up game more close to the Street Fighter / KoF system and a little far from SoR. The intent is to make a more technical game, using advanced chain combos and at the same time avoiding mashing buttons.

The enemies, even the basics, will have more life and will be smarter than Galsia/Donovan from SoR. In short, the player needs to use strategy and advanced combos to win, with less enemies on the screen and longer battles. It's like every fight seems to be a little "VS fight".

Any suggestion is always welcome :)


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It is intensely hard. Is there a moves list?
Sorry man, I removed the command list in the last update. And you're right, this game needs a huge rebalance once this was my first OpenBOR project.
Maybe someday I start a totally new project from scratch instead of updating this one.

About the game's new commands, now you can perform all "special" moves by pressing:
- down, front, attack
- front, down, front, attack
- down, up, attack

The same goes for "supers", but replacing the "attack" button by the "launcher" button.
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